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High school graduation is the indispensable step of immense significance in the continuing journey of everyone's life. It is the chapter not only of personal commitment and accomplishments but also one of gratitude and pride. Graduation is not the terminal point. Instead, it is considered as the launching point packed with calendars full of resolutions for further achievements. From pursuing higher education to party planning, our blog covers everything a graduate candidate needs to celebrate a high school commencement and beyond.

Graduation Prom Preparation List:
1). Purchase or rent the appropriate outfit based on an individual's personal financial condition. Check out several deal sites (e.g. Slickdeals, Dealsplus, RetailMeNot, etc.) for time-limited specials to enable someone to spend less.
2). Styling yourselves professionally or get a stylist, hair-dresser or manicure to maintain a visually appealing appearance.
3). Handpick a piece of dazzling fine jewelry or a glitter clutch bag to match the senior prom attire within your entire budget.
4). Reserve the graduation gala early-bird ticket to secure your place at the lowest price point.
5). Dress your date with a time-honored corsage or boutonniere.
6). Hire an amateur or experienced photographer to occupy a favorable position to capture a sequence of eternal moments of thumbs up, smiling, fist pump, and jumping for joy.

Countdown to Thrilled Academic Transition: College
Fully taking advantage of the last summer before you fully get accustomed to college life is undoubtedly crucial for the recent high school graduates. People tend to be comfortable with the surroundings they're more familiar with and feel organized when they take full control of the circumstances they've involved in. In most cases, the name of your roommates and the course leader of your program can be added or connected via Facebook or LinkedIn prior to the official orientation. Information like the dining commons of the school, the timetable, students societies, and reading lists can be also found online. Gaining advice from a lecturer, a sophomore or a third-year student before the commencement of campus life sometimes might tremendously influence your perception and cognition of the matters of the world or even alter your academic pathway. You'll be more certain on what are your underlying life objectives and what efforts you need to make to fulfill the goals after a long in-depth conversation with an upperclassman.

Applying for Financial Aid to Pay for School:
Financial aid is the term for private scholarships, loan programs, grants, work, and other supports coming from a multitude of sources such as federal or state government aids, university scholarships or grants, and enterprise or private funds. For the scholarship applicants, there is a wide scope of resources to search for the appropriate programs from your college's counselor office to the websites of the federal government, local business, and institutes. Alternatively, third-party pages with link roundups of aggregated grants opportunities like and are fine choices as well. When it comes to the factors which determine the eligibility of an applicant, a top yearly GPA, a complete filling of an application form, learning some specific subjects, and the winner of a particular prize are invariably the main factors.

7+ Fresh Gift Ideas for 2019 Graduation

April 29, 2019 10:56:53 AM CST

Graduation is a milestone in every graduate's life which captivates their hearts and souls. Cash or a simple gift card might be too perfunctory to congratulate your family member or schoolmate on their achievements. While coming up with the novel gift ideas that the degree holders really need in their life and are eager to possess can be difficult. If you're struggling on what presents to give the graduate who owns almost everything, here we've listed unique graduation gift ideas exclusively for you as below.

1. Customized Charm Bracelet
Fashion accessories are the considerable and prevailing choices as the graduation presents for girls. As an alternative to something bulk manufactured, selecting a tailor-made charm to adorn a bracelet or a multi-strand necklace would be the sweet spot. When the young recent graduates miss their families, they'll have the invaluable customized charm to jog the memory that they're loved and cherished.

2. A Mirrorless Camera
For capturing the real-time memorable events and everyday lives that constitute the history, a real portable mirrorless camera which fits the fresh professionals' needs is a must. Admittedly, nowadays the photos took by the smartphone are fairly usable or even stunning for some time, getting him or her a mirrorless camera with better low-light performance, more manual settings, and higher image quality rather than let them simply press the camera button on an iPhone is much reasonable and meaningful choice for adulting 2.0.

3. Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggage
Whether the recent graduates head to the dreamed cities for their anticipated span-new careers after commencement or come back to their hometowns for future development, they'll inevitably need a way to carry their personal baggage. After years of painstakingly studying and innumerable campus clubs and activities, they deserve some expandable lightweight spinner suitcases which are durable and secure.

4. A 6 Month Gym Membership
As you approach your mid-twenties, you may undergo as much as a 2% decline in metabolic activity. Latest researches indicated that building the high-powered muscle cells is apt to uplift the basal metabolic burn. Help the college graduates keep fit by offering them an all-access 6-month membership card of leading gyms in the market to get accustomed to weekly workout routines in an extensive network of thousands of fitness studios nationwide.

5. A Commemorative Map of Main Campus
A graphic brochure of campus map printed by Students' Union or Career Center that conserves the memory such as the first date, the last overnight, and initial acquaintance is the one-of-a-kind ceremonial keepsake wherever life takes you.

6. Self-motivated Reflective Journal
To a certain extent, keep jotting the thoughts or inspirations down for self-reflection after a long day at work tends to enrich someone's emotional intelligence and develop their capacity of critical thinking. Writing down short-term objectives on paper is inclined to enable the rookie to stay focused and think holistically when managing pressure. An innovatively designed hardcover agenda journal with effective accomplishment system makes a sound present for workplace newbie to kick off a new routine.

7. Stylish Mini Cactus
The prevalence of those mini-cactus plants in the eye-catching pots has soared over the past few years. As human beings, we have the inherent instinct to commune with nature. Adding certain houseplants like mini-succulents to the homes of young professionals can help them to significantly reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

Graduation season is the time of the year that the mailboxes are replete with party invitations and commencement ceremony notices. As early as March or April, diploma recipients from most universities, colleges, and high schools commonly have started to mark on the calendar and map out the life after graduation. Therefore, if you're inclined to throw an epic graduation party, opting for open houses where guests can casually pop in when everything is appropriate and leave quietly as they please rather than arrange a structured schedule is crucial. After the venue and the time are planned out, it's about time to decorate the site and make the extraordinary event worth celebrating. We've listed the DIY tips and easy-to-make treats below for party-planners to find inspirations.

Glitter-filled Ballon Backdrop Wall
Though metallic colored confetti is the optimal medium to warm up the party vibes, tidying up the consequent mess is inevitably tiring and frustrating. By purchasing a batch of the sliver and gold confetti-filled bouncing balloons provided by, you can not only liven up the night air but also avoid the annoying post-party floor clean-up. Furthermore, the glamorous photo booth or the backdrop wall ornamented by a number of ballons is the fancy dreamlike scene to capture the highlight moment.

Create a "Best Wishes" Quote Board
Having a spot for party participants to write down their sincere wishes for their future, congratulations, as well as certain short-term resolutions with small well-designed pieces of post-it notes is a unique meaningful send-off that can be treasured for a lifetime. As time goes by, the vintage look of the black particle board full of scattered sheets of lovely paper is the timeless witness that integrally records what those fearless and spirited young graduates were dreaming of.

Set a Memory Board for Memorable Moments
Time is the miracle substance that makes us who we are today. Gathering iconic pictures over the past years on the memory board can be an invaluable keepsake for every individual of the class. Other ideas such as "now and then" picture comparison provides all the guests a brand-new perspective of the besties they're familiar with.

Craft the Sweet and Dessert Trays
Those elaborately handcrafted glittery alphabet letter serving platters seem to be increasingly prevailing at parties nowadays. Constructed by the letters of the theme of the party or even the name of the university, the reinvented unicolor glitter covered paper mache letters are the sweet unexpected surprises to fill with the proper amount of candies and snacks.

A Miniature Art Installation
Whether thousands of long decorative swirls dangling from the ceiling or the enormous balloon adorned with huge letters, the usage of colorful interior three-dimensional artworks is apt to magically transform the perception of a space. With those physical aesthetic art forms, an unforgettable immersive experience will be brought to the guests.

Customized Labels on Everything to Signify the Special Occasion
Delivering your peers and their friends the holistic and consistent experience with uniform graphic designs shown on all stuff at the party is of significance. All you need is to select your beloved graphs on either the Internet or from the stationer nearby and print them out to paste on beverage bottles, dessert packages, and other party decorations.

As the graduation season comes, the colleges and universities are certainly the sea of graduation gowns, caps, sleeves and hoods in a rainbow of colors. All those meaningful symbolized designs of graduation garb in terms of colors, shapes, and ornaments indicates the next phase of the lives of young graduates are drawing near. Admittedly, the commencement is fairly thrilling and it can also be confusing to the guests of the ceremony when it comes to complicated robe styles as well as various colors. The following 3 aspects here are the main determinants which can enable you to decode the norms of dressing:

1. The American Inter-Collegiate Academic Costume Code
As early as 1893, there's a universal regulation on the details of academic regalia in the United States called the American Academic Costume Code. It has been constantly revised over the years to accommodate the addition of emerging majors and has been voluntarily chosen by a majority of institutions. The Inter-Collegiate Code regulates the color code seen in the shell material, interior lining, outer edge of the hood (trim), cap's tassel, and the stripes on the sleeves based on the field of study the candidate is earned (See the picture below). As the Code calls for, a graduation gown worn by the Bachelor has square or pointed sleeves and is designed to be worn closed. For a Master's gown, an oblong sleeve has been adopted. With regards to the Doctor's degree, the Code specifies the usage of the bell-shaped sleeves. Both Master's and Doctor's graduation gowns can be worn closed or open. Although there's no compulsory rule on the colors of clothes under the gown, the nationwide Code suggests graduates wear dark colored clothing (e.g. trousers, shoes, leggings, socks, etc.) to prevent from being seen outside of the graduation gown.

Picture 1

2. University Traditions
There are still a certain number of universities which have their own academic dress codes in consideration of the tradition and inheritance. Some even officially set up subsidiaries to exclusively design and manufacture academic wearings for their doctors, masters, upper degree holders, and bachelors. Besides, the latest version of the Inter-Collegiate Costume Code itself highlights that the possibility to enact enforceable rules on academic clothing ought to be kept as little as possible. Main deviations from the Code typically fall into the colors of gowns, pipings, and velvet trims along with the shapes of robes, and trims. For instance, Harward began using crimson gowns for its Ph.D. candidates and paired its bachelors' black gowns with crimson hoods. Rochester separates itself from the Code through the red robe for its president and the gold trim used on the black gown for some of its faculty. Syracuse puts all of its academic officers in orange gowns since 1950. Princeton created a black doctoral gown with orange trim and shorter orange-lining sleeves compared with the standard of the Code. Other Ivy League schools which adopted their own academic regalia guidelines include Yale, Columbia, Brown, Pennsylvania, and so forth.

3. The Creativity of the Graduates
It's always fun to add a little bit of your own personal style and uniqueness to your graduation cap with tapes, glue stick, cardboard paper, colored pencils, and other art supplies. By indicating the subjects, fraternity affiliation, school societies, or merely a simple "I made it!" with your elaborate DIY decorations on the cap, a ceremonial keepsake that expresses your pride and the mood of commencement has been crafted.

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3 Graduation Party Ideas

October 26, 2018 5:30:47 PM CST

Graduation Party

The end of the fall semester is drawing near, which means it's the season for a batch of new graduates to wear the graduation gown, step onto the stage, be granted their diploma, and throw their caps in the air. Meanwhile, it’s also the job-hunting time that everyone feels the hustle and bustle and may be difficult to get your classmates together. Some of your peers may even start to consider to skip over the coming commencement and fully devote themselves to their new careers. Nevertheless, graduating from college or university is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime milestone that marks the end of your academic life and is worth celebrating with your friends and family. Moreover, a graduation party has the symbolic significance, as considered as “a transition from one phase of someone’s life to the next”. Whether it’s a short-time reunion at the university with your peers or a fun grand party throughout the night, a satisfactory graduation party needs some time of elaborate planning. The longer time you spend preparing the graduation party, the more harmonious atmosphere of the party would be. To enable you to perfectly construct your plan, we have gathered several tips and ideas of preparing for the graduation party.


Start Early with Scheduled Date and Time:

Prior to making any decisions, you’d better ask your peers when they are free and how they’re going to celebrate the one of a kind moment. Are they willing to have a small gathering with merely close friends and family or a large bash? In case of losing the opportunity to get hold of your classmates, there’re great timings you can take advantage of. It is suggested to either ask your buddies when you’re all trying on the graduation gowns behind the stage or get together your fellows after the final exam. Once most of you are inclined to choose a specific date and time slot, please set it down.


Budget Calculation:

Write down a list of necessities like food, beverages, salads, party ornaments, as well as invitation cards and add up the cost. If you have a relatively tight budget, please make every attempt to only choose the items at reasonable prices. Sometimes, you don’t need to feel hesitated to ask a favor of your friends cause most of the guests are pleased to cover the partial indispensable cost.


Popular Activities and Fun Games:

• Photo booth or an open area for taking pictures is one of the staples nowadays for almost any parties. Not only will the attendants receive a snapshot of the memorable moment, but ordering a copy set of all the photos and compiling them into a book is another precious treasure. Additionally, uploading all the pictures on Facebook and sharing the animated photo album by utilizing Facebook’s auto-generation function is gaining popularity.

• Collecting the signatures of every member of your class on the graduation gown is another well-received must-have option.

• Truth or Dare is a classic broad group game in which players have to choose between a hard-to-answer question or an uncomfortable dare. The difficulty of the game varies depending on the settings of the selected dares and questions. Some tough questions or extremely exciting games may help you find another side of yourself and let others know more about you on the other hand.

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