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Four options to take after you graduate

May 24, 2018 3:39:13 PM CST

After a crazy graduation celebration, throwing the graduation caps into the air, you and your friends were gathering, drinking and saying goodbye to rushing assignments, exams and the lovely diet with cereal and baked beans. Seems like your future is so bright and shiny after graduation. However, for the ones having a clear plan, it’s true, but for the rest of you, it’s might not that easy. First of all, you should seriously ask yourself three “simple” questions:

1. Who do you want to be?

2. What kinds of work do you want to do?

3. Which type of lifestyle do you want to have?

The words are easy to understand, but lots of people can ‘t tell the answers because the answers will bring out the choices, which will further impact your following life. In fact, there are various options to take after university and everyone has their own journeys, so all of you will be different. You can go to a postgraduate school, find a graduate job, start your own business or even travel around the world. Whichever you choose means that you should take the full advantages of any free time to make your plans and take real actions.

what to do after graduate

1. Get a graduate job

After graduation, Looking for a good job is the choice for the majority of new graduates. Your first port of call should be communicating with your relevant university department, for parts of them, they do offer recruitment service for their students and it will significantly lower the working barrier for you.

According to the words of Philippa Hardie, a careers consultant at the University of Chester, sometimes small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) are the most suitable options for fresh graduates. Being a small fish in a big pound is not right for everyone and SMEs can offer your more training and challenges.

Moreover, finding a job may take a while. Be carefully don’t leave a blank gap on the CV, you can fill the time with some part-time jobs, volunteering, and internship.

2. Become you own boss

Don’t just stand inside the box, sometime you need to stand outside to see the world. If you can’t find a dream job and don’t want to settle for just a job, why not create one by starting your own company, it could be a extremly interesting process to turn your business idea into reality. Therefore, if you have the sufficient confidence and tenacity, self-employment should be a smart move. There are some main advantages for self-employment:

* Independent power to make decisions

* Control over what to do and who to work with

* Flexible time management

* Pay for any opportunities fit with you

However, nothing is perfect. You should understand that self-employment also means that you need to juggle a number of responsibilities such as marketing the business, staff management, uncertainty/problem management and financial things. Therefore, before starting your own business, you should be sure that if you would like to take these challenges.

3. Go for a master degree

“If you really have a desire to study a particular aspect of your undergraduate course in more depth, then postgraduate study is the answer, says Philippa.

Therefore, if you are certain that you have the right reasons, It’s still a good choice to back to school and study for a specific master degree you are interested. Some courses like law and philosophy do need an in-depth study to qualify. However, don’t take it to just stall for time, it’s not worth and your important years could be wasted.

4. Take a gap year

Travelling around the world to take a gap could help you see more the world, meet different kinds of cultures and learn various languages. it’s not just playing, a rich life experience could make you as a much more attractive job candidate and also bring you with some fantastic inspiration during your career in a long run.

If you want, working while travelling is also a good option to develop your skills and could help you find out your favorite lifestyle during the process. Don’t expect a dream job will be standing there to let you catch, try as much as you can to discover it.

Comments | Posted in Cap & Gown By andrew chen

It is the beginning of summer and that means graduation commencement ceremonies! The perfect way to adorn your graduate is in a premium graduation cap and gown package from Graduation Mall. At every year around this time, millions of graduates throughout the United States take the great walk across the stage at their institution of learning to receive their diplomas. It is a momentous occasion filled with tremendous joy and pride as they take their diploma, and then move their tassel across their graduation cap.  After the last graduate has received their diploma, a benediction is offered, the commencement officially ends, where it is followed by the tradition of caps flying into the air.

graduation cap gown royal blue

First off, let Graduation Mall be the first to congratulate you on your forthcoming graduation.  It is a special time that holds tremendous meaning which has a rich and centuries old tradition. Over the course of our years in business, many customers ask us about the tradition of academic regalia.  How did these traditions come about?  Who started the use of the cap and gown, or the graduation stole? Believe it or not, the answer lies in Great Britain not long after the succession of Henry II. 

Comments | Posted in Cap & Gown By andrew chen

Graduation Gowns And Accessories

December 15, 2017 4:06:44 PM CST

Graduation gowns and accessories are required for high school, college and University commencements. Though there are many different guidelines for dress at graduation, the concept is still the same. These attires include gowns, caps, hoods and tassels in different colors and designs that represent the different titles and honors that are being bestowed to students.

The graduation gown

The shape and design of the graduation gown varies and is worn according to the level of degrees that is being honored. Higher degree graduates usually have gowns that are more superior in quality to the ones worn by diploma or bachelor degree holders. One thing to consider when looking for graduation gown is the material used in making it. The more expensive ones last longer than the cheap ones. The different colors of the graduation gowns signify their different schools, accomplishments and their academic achievements. Some colleges or Universities use stoles no color or sashes to signify different academic achievements.

The Hood

The graduation hood is usually made of silk or fur which is worn over the gown to show the kind of degree held by the graduate. The hood's lining should be turned out to display any prominent color. This is done by turning the velvet trim to the outside at your back, just below your shoulders. The cord on the back of your hood will keep it in its rightful place. To keep the cord on the front of your hood away from your neck, fasten it to the gown button or to the robes zipper. Nowadays, scholars display their academic achievements by wearing their graduation gowns and hoods at commencements.

Graduation Tassels

Tassels are worn on the hat or mortarboard of the graduates. The tassels represent a student efforts and achievement during their academic career. During the ceremony, tassels are normally worn on one side of the head but sometimes they are worn on different sides of the head with different attires according to the type of degree earned. When most students rent their caps and gowns, the tassel is normally provided separately. They don't have to be returned after the ceremonies. This is why the tassel is very important as it is the only piece of attire that graduates keep to remind them of their ceremonies.

The Cap

The cap which is also known as the mortarboard is worn as the general part of academic regalia. Schools use different types of mortarboard to honor their graduates.

Article Source:

Comments | Posted in Graduation Gowns By andrew chen

What Do Graduation Gowns Mean?

December 7, 2017 3:14:34 PM CST

You are probably like many that are used to the traditional scene of caps and gowns worn at every commencement. However, there are not a lot of people that are aware of the origins of the gowns or even why there are such a wide variety of different colors that are available. You may not be shocked that the various colors that are available today actually fairly new. The colors that are available have only been around since 1950 after some high school students asked if their gowns could be in their school colors rather than the more traditional colors.

Since 1950 the tradition of colored graduation gowns seemed to spread through high schools across the country just like wild fire. People quickly began to see a wave of color during graduation ceremony versus the wave of black that they were used to seeing. There are, however, for the most part, a lot of colleges and universities that still stick to the traditional black gowns of yesterday, and therefore, they will add a splash of colors to their ceremonies in other various ways.

Some of the colleges and universities will use stoles or stashes of various colors to add some color into their ceremonies. Each of these different colors will symbolize a certain achievement or academic section of their chosen college career. This way the college will still be able to represent a solid uniform, and they will still be able to allow the students to show a sense of pride in both their school and their degrees that they are achieving.

The mortarboards that you see worn with these traditional gowns have actually been downgraded from the original hoods that were worn. The hoods of yesterday have an unknown origin but there are a variety of different theories, of how they came to be. A lot of people believe that these hoods date clear back to the Celtic times where the Druid priests wore caps with hoods as a way to symbolize both their superiority and higher intelligence. Today, the mortarboards symbolize much the same meaning as they are worn during a big achievement in your own life. The tassel that comes with your cap is also used as a form of representing your academic achievement that they have achieved in that particular school.

A lot of the high schools of today wear graduation gowns and caps that represent their school in a wide variety of different colors. Their tassels are also the same color of the cap and gown. Colleges, on the other hand, still often use the traditional black cap and gown but the stoles and tassels will be of varying colors based on their degree and achievements.

There are also often slight differences in the gowns depending on the type of degree that you may be achieving. However, they will still tie into the overall look of all the graduation gowns. This allows the schools and colleges to achieve a sense of uniform within their graduating class.


Comments | Posted in Academic Regalia By andrew chen

30 Graduation Cap ideas just for you

November 10, 2017 3:51:16 PM CST


Before you embark on the next phase of your life, take the time to soak it all in and appreciate how far you’ve come. Your graduation cap and gown not only represent all of your hard work and unique accomplishments but also, the person you’ve become over the past four years.

Aside from pondering what side the tassel goes on and wondering how to wear a graduation cap, many students are opting to go out in style. Graduation cap decoration is becoming a fun formality for high school and college grads alike. What a fun way to celebrate your journey and make this moment yours!
If you’re looking for graduation cap decoration ideas, we have you covered with everything from funny cap ideas, to cute cap ideas and cap decoration ideas that will make you wonder why you hadn’t thought of that in the first place.

Polaroid Picture

creative graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @jasoncamera

Shake it like a polaroid picture, grads! Show off the memories you made along the way by attaching your favorite moments to your graduation cap. Celebrate your unique journey in style and design a graduation cap that will make a statement. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, right? The photographs on your cap will help you tell your story and celebrate these moments. You can also print out extra polaroids to use for decoration at your graduation party (your guests will enjoy the extra photos).

Calling All Graphic Design Majors

pantone graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @lancora

This creative graduation cap dresses up academic regalia with a sleek touch. Handpick your favorite Pantone color swatch and add your own details. This design is simple to recreate and perfect for those of you who studied graphic design.

Pretty In Floral Pink

cute graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @allisonslettering

This floral styled graduation cap idea is not only beautiful but, it also allows you to share a meaningful graduation quote on your special day. Add a few of your favorite words and a special design to make your graduation cap one-of-a-kind.

Say It All

simple graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @allikdesign

Create a unique graduation cap decoration that says it all. This simple design really makes a statement, especially for an almost alumni. Find the perfect words that speak to you and then take to your cap with a white marker or paint. The light color looks great on the black mortarboard plus, it gives you the chance show off your witty side— you deserve it! 

The Star Wars Lover

starwars graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @melissalovesdisney

Do you have a love for Star Wars? This movie line is perfect for the Star Wars loving graduate-to-be. Whatever the odds may be, go after your goals and go confidently in the future you have envisioned for yourself. This grad cap design will remind you of just that.


grad cap decoration

Image Source: @knsiemering

Use the dark background of the mortarboard to create an amazing cut out silhouette. What a perfect idea to craft the skyline of your next destination.

The “Friends” Lover

graduation cap decoration ideas

Image Source: @abbistec

Use your grad cap to reference your all-time favorite TV show. This Friends TV show cap is decorated with wit and style. The show’s iconic episode titles will forever live on your graduation cap and help you celebrate your big day. Design a funny graduation cap that will have all of your fellow colleagues smiling as you walk across the stage.

Sparkle And Shine

glitter graduation cap decoration ideas

Image Source: @krystalcal

Design a cap to shine just as bright as your academic career. You’ll be ready to walk across that stage and grab your diploma after creating a cap that stuns like this one.


travel graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @carrazycutecanvas

For those students with serious wanderlust and an excitement to explore the world, this cap decoration was created with you in mind! If you love to travel, make sure to create a cap that celebrates your adoration. 

Give Your Support Team A Shoutout

cute grad cap ideas

Image Source: @allisonslettering

You surely couldn’t have made it these past four years without your support team. Whoever or whatever may have helped you earn that diploma deserves some appreciation. Use your graduation cap as a canvas to thank them for being a shoulder to lean on when the nights were late and the coffee wasn’t strong enough.

Couldn’t Have Made It Without…

Image Source: @blairebender

In addition to thanking your family and friends, don’t forget about the other tools that helped you earn that diploma. How can anyone make it through school without Google? Use your grad cap decoration to give Google a shout out.

Thanks For Giving Me The World

high school graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @emily_on_emory

Give proper recognition and show off your artistic skills by thanking your support team for giving you the world. Adding the bright blue and green globe will give your graduation cap a splash of color no one will be able to miss!

What A Record Four Years

music graduation cap ideas

Image Source: k_bomb_

If your love for music plays a pivotal role in your life, why not celebrate that on your special day? With custom paper and your favorite record, your cap will be designed in no time.

Heritage Flair

college graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @thesassypoppy

The best graduation cap designs are the ones that celebrate you. This is one of those cute graduation cap ideas you won’t want to miss out on. Design a cap that stays true to who you are and celebrates your heritage. Plus, a few bright florals will help you stand out among the crowd.

Three Dimensional

grad cap ideas

Image Source: @lauren_m_davis

No one said there were limits to your graduation cap designs. Send yourself off with a cheers to new adventures and a three dimensional cap that will stick out in the best way possible. Graduation day can be a little bittersweet for many. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment, reminisce about where you started and most importantly, celebrate where you are headed.

I Must Go

cap ideas

Image Source: @steph_laco

Celebrate your post-grad plans with your graduation cap design. Are you headed for a new job, more schooling, to the mountains or off to travel the world? What is calling your name?

Funny Graduation Cap Ideas

funny graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @sequinhearts15

Show off your wonderful sense of humor with your grad cap design. The big day is serious but your grad cap doesn’t have to be. You can use your graduation cap to remind you and your friends to have some fun.

College Graduation Cap Ideas

college grad cap ideas

Image Source: @rachelbaker28

What has shaped your college experience? Design your college graduation cap to represent everything you were involved in. Think clubs, greek life, sports and all that good stuff. Add an inspirational quote or graduation song lyrics to remind yourself of your goals and to never stop chasing them.


grad cap ideas

Image Source: @katievlopez

A graduation cap that celebrates your degree and makes people smile with a play on words might be just the inspiration you were looking for. Calling all psychology majors.

Nursing Graduation Cap Ideas

nursing graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @neiya_patel

If you just made your way through nursing school, why not create a cap that reflects that? This DIY nursing graduation cap idea is simple to recreate. Use your favorite colors, school colors or even add sparkle and then top with a bow and nursing stickers.

The Grey’s Anatomy Reference

nursing grad cap ideas

Image Source: @allisonslettering

Any Grey’s Anatomy fans out there? Celebrate your Bachelors of Science in Nursing with an iconic quote from the medical drama TV show. It’s a beautiful day to graduate, too!

Celebrate Your Faith

religious grad cap

Image Source: @cheracreative

If your faith has played an important role in your life and the past four years of school then you might think about decorating your cap to celebrate that. There are a handful of graduation bible verses that are very fitting for this occasion. We love the gold detail that really makes this verse shine.


apple grad cap ideas

Image Source: @kaileenjoy

You couldn’t have possibly made it through the past four years without a laptop by your side. All the late nights you’ve spent together and everything you’ve been through, why not take it with you on your graduation day? We are loving this Apple designed cap that makes a great fit for a computer engineer grad-to-be. 

Forever A Mascot

college grad cap ideas

Image Source: @maddym0

Get into the school spirit and be proud to be an alumni. This graduation cap decoration idea will help you do just that plus, it will also look great in your graduation pictures. 

Superhero Style

superhero grad cap

Image Source: @sabrinaaamina

Show off your superhero style on graduation day and decorate a cap featuring your favorite character. This graduate has a love for Wonderwoman.

Simply Artistic

graduation cap decoration

Image Source: @meganlynn2

You don’t need to go over the top with paint, stickers and bows. This graduation cap decoration idea shows just what you can accomplish with a gold pen!

Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Degree!

disney graduation cap decoration

Image Source: @victoria_salerno

Show off your love for Disney and give an ode to your favorite flick with your graduation cap. This grad has a sweet spot for Cinderella. If only the past four years were as easy as the twirl of a wand, right?

Use A Quote

grad caps

Image Source: @jesslove_designs

Design a cap that will inspire you and your fellow graduates. Add an inspirational graduation message to your cap; you can’t go wrong with a motivational cap. Don’t forget to add your personal details like the degree you earned and your school colors.

Adobe, Anyone?

grad cap ideas

Image Source: @mchaileydesigner

Recreate your school’s initials to look like an Adobe software icon. This grad cap idea is perfect for designers and a great way to represent your university.

Dazzle With Bedazzle

graduation cap decoration

Image Source: @cchesphotography

 Friends and family will be able to easily spot you during the ceremony with this beautiful and glitzy graduation cap. Recreate with a hot glue gun and a handful of jewels. Represent your university proudly and dazzle your school logo!

No matter what design you choose to incorporate on your graduation cap, the most important thing is to create a design that represents you and your unique accomplishments. Whether your cap decorations tip a hat to your college major, thank your mom and dad or show off your witty personality, putting your own spin on your graduation cap design is another chance for you to show everyone just how talented you are.

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