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To start a new life, a steady source of income seems to be necessary. In this case, most graduates are eager for a full-time job. There is no doubt that an ideal full-time job is a shortcut to success, but it is not the only choice. Here are some other options for graduates to horn their skills instead of getting a full-time job.

 What a Graduate Can Do?

1.   Become a research assistant after graduation

A research assistant mainly helps to record and analyze data, organize information, or obtain knowledge. The aforementioned position can be found in courthouses, laboratories, publishing companies, as well as academic departments like universities. Therefore, this is a perfect choice for graduates who want to find an ideal job in their degree field in the future. A research department put a significant amount of investment in research. In this case, being a research assistant is a great opportunity for graduates to acquire social experience and work experience. The process to find a research assistant position is similar to looking for any other jobs. Graduates, initially, need to choose an industry or field to focus on. Then, looking for research assistant positions on relevant platforms. At last, graduates need to prepare an impressive resume and submit their applications.

2.   Participate in a gap-year program

Recently, more and more gap-year program opportunities are provided for college graduates. Gap-year programs can cover any field which including organic farming, environment, outdoor education, art, languages, healthcare, science, etc. Gap-year programs provide different career options to help participants clarify their value and improve their skills which make them succeed at work. Gap-year program can be quite expensive, with a fee ranging from $4,000 to $15,000. However, there are some programs which don’t need you to pay any money. They will even provide some subsidy to cover one’s living expenses. For example, AmeriCorps Opportunities and the Peace Corps. Last but not least, a gap-year program can provide resume-boosting experience for graduates. The experience can not only strengthen your resume but also give graduates plenty of material to discuss during interviews.

3.   Take a continuing-education class

Graduates may consider taking a continuing-education class at a community college or an adult-learning centre nearby. This is an option for graduates who are interested in a field beside their major or someone who wants to improve a specific career skill. If you have skills in different fields, you will have a wide range of employment opportunities and you have gotten prepared for career changes. If you learn multiple career skills in one field, you will get a higher salary. An employer also prefers the highly-skilled workforce who have great work efficiency and help companies get ready for rapidly market changes. Therefore, taking a continuing-education class will help graduates improve their career skills and strengthen their resume.

Tips for Writing an Impressive Resume

July 24, 2019 3:25:24 PM CST

No matter you're seeking to quickly climb the career ladder after the commencement or intend to make a career shift, the procedure begins with writing or modifying your CV which determines your possibility of receiving an interview invitation. The recent investigation reported recruiters claimed that they've seen well-written resumes sent to their inboxes less frequent lately. So, how do candidates draw attention from the hiring managers and guarantee their resumes don't eliminate them from consideration is the issue of common concern. Therefore, we've compiled the all-around following guide that covers all the curriculum vitae advice and tips to ensure you craft a winning CV and secure a position.


1. Layout and Format Your Resume Wisely

The average time an individual resume first get looked through is 25 seconds. Keep the information reverse chronological and apply wide margins, clear headings, bullet points, bold or italic typeface to logically organize the layout and call the reader's attention to critical content like accomplishments is undeniably the best bet. With regards to the number of pages, though the 2-page resume is bitterly debated, compelling yourself to keep the CV to merely one page is always a smart choice to start with. If your relevant, vital, rich experience, training, portfolios and certificates truly can't fit in 1 page, then do go for two pages or both sides of a single page. Alternatively, you can look for a graphic design to see if you can market the identical story of yourself in less space.

2. Quantify Your Achievements

Harness as many figures, percentages, and facts as you can to picture the level of your responsibilities, and capabilities and outweigh your competitors who solely outline general claims with uninteresting industry jargons. Employers hire performers, that's the reason why it is of significance to highlight how your former colleagues and employer were impacted by your work and by what percentage did your accomplishments exceed their expectations.

3. Handle the Gaps and Other Situations Related to Employment Stability

In accordance with the New York Time's career expert, eliminating a particular short-lived occupation or the gaps of several months from your employment history won't hurt as long as you're frank with the hiring manager on your past experience if mentioned in the interview. Likewise, by addressing the short-term jobs or frequent job movement, you're recommended to list the years only or proactively include a concise explanation such as "relocated to another city" or "dismissed owing to downsizing" for your sporadic job-hopping.

4. The Network is One of the Dominant Determinant

It is the general consensus that the majority of middle and senior-level managers are recruited via networking. Reach out to the person you've liaised with in the past, the headhunter or the people listed in the online alumni database of your school other than barely the recruiter of your desired enterprise might tremendously enlarge your odds of obtaining a more detailed review and receiving an interview. Additionally, uploading your personal curriculum vitae to professional social media platforms like LinkedIn tends to gain extra considerable exposure to similar opportunities of your current application.

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Concerning the rising competition and increasing monthly resignation rate in the workplace nowadays, those idle summer days by the seaside have gone forever. College students are now shifting to spend days at summer placements to gain hands-on experience in the dreamed field and build connections that they can fully utilize when they officially step into the workforce. However, as a first-year student or a sophomore aged around 21 who hasn't figured out his or her career path, making a decision between a few acceptances is never be an easy feat. Therefore, we listed the following factors here for the internship seekers to reflect upon before ending up an internship.

summer placement fair

1). Paid or Unpaid?

Payment, for those who came from less favored backgrounds and count on the summer internships to help with their annual tuition fees and other additional expenses, is undoubtedly the prominent consideration in making decisions. Apart from the renowned leading corporates who offer substantial monetary payback, over 50 percent of internships are unpaid or provide a rather small amount of remuneration. Admittedly, receiving little wages seems to be unattractive for prospective internship applicants, and when it comes to academic credit transfer, fulfilling certain compulsory courses via the internship credits still be financially tempting. Those extra-curricular credits which equal to 3-4 credit class could save college students up to over hundreds of dollars. Moreover, a well-chosen appropriate internship may sometimes ultimately change someone's career objectives and benefits the student longer than he or she could realize. The co-workers you encountered during the summer break might be your supervisors, co-founders, or the referrers who introduce you to a higher position someday. Therefore, although the short-term financial payout earned from the employer should be kept in mind, a long-term impact on an intern is the undeniable priority.

2). Start-ups or Well-known Corporates?

This is a heated topic that has been frequently debated. In most cases, a starter is inclined to work for the notable firm to build their resume and enrich their experience. Reputability is the major reason behind their choices. Bragging rights among friends, peers, and relatives, as well as the greater possibility to be recruited by other companies you apply to after you graduate, are all the motivating factors. Nonetheless, compared to segmented repetitive tasks of a position under the systematic structure of a group, working with a tiny start-up may be a more suitable option. The flat management structure is prone to offer someone new more independence to conduct projects or duties on their own instead of merely assisting their manager. Additionally, the assignments you're working on at smaller firms will have a recognizable and profound influence. In conclusion, both the aforementioned two types of companies have other own merits and demerits. The final decision depends utterly on your personal demands.

3). Part-time or Full-time?

Time management tends to be demanding in most situations. Some will accept a part-time sales associate or table waiter to save money while others hope to commit to a full-time schedule which interests them. The career in the real world is like finding yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend. It won't be that difficult to find someone by your side, but engaging in a relationship which can last a lifetime won't be easy. For some people, an occupation is just a number throughout the entire life. If you look forward to devoting yourself to the fated field that you would readily perform your talent for the rest of your life, then a full-time internship is the investment you can make from now on.

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High school graduation is the indispensable step of immense significance in the continuing journey of everyone's life. It is the chapter not only of personal commitment and accomplishments but also one of gratitude and pride. Graduation is not the terminal point. Instead, it is considered as the launching point packed with calendars full of resolutions for further achievements. From pursuing higher education to party planning, our blog covers everything a graduate candidate needs to celebrate a high school commencement and beyond.

Graduation Prom Preparation List:
1). Purchase or rent the appropriate outfit based on an individual's personal financial condition. Check out several deal sites (e.g. Slickdeals, Dealsplus, RetailMeNot, etc.) for time-limited specials to enable someone to spend less.
2). Styling yourselves professionally or get a stylist, hair-dresser or manicure to maintain a visually appealing appearance.
3). Handpick a piece of dazzling fine jewelry or a glitter clutch bag to match the senior prom attire within your entire budget.
4). Reserve the graduation gala early-bird ticket to secure your place at the lowest price point.
5). Dress your date with a time-honored corsage or boutonniere.
6). Hire an amateur or experienced photographer to occupy a favorable position to capture a sequence of eternal moments of thumbs up, smiling, fist pump, and jumping for joy.

Countdown to Thrilled Academic Transition: College
Fully taking advantage of the last summer before you fully get accustomed to college life is undoubtedly crucial for the recent high school graduates. People tend to be comfortable with the surroundings they're more familiar with and feel organized when they take full control of the circumstances they've involved in. In most cases, the name of your roommates and the course leader of your program can be added or connected via Facebook or LinkedIn prior to the official orientation. Information like the dining commons of the school, the timetable, students societies, and reading lists can be also found online. Gaining advice from a lecturer, a sophomore or a third-year student before the commencement of campus life sometimes might tremendously influence your perception and cognition of the matters of the world or even alter your academic pathway. You'll be more certain on what are your underlying life objectives and what efforts you need to make to fulfill the goals after a long in-depth conversation with an upperclassman.

Applying for Financial Aid to Pay for School:
Financial aid is the term for private scholarships, loan programs, grants, work, and other supports coming from a multitude of sources such as federal or state government aids, university scholarships or grants, and enterprise or private funds. For the scholarship applicants, there is a wide scope of resources to search for the appropriate programs from your college's counselor office to the websites of the federal government, local business, and institutes. Alternatively, third-party pages with link roundups of aggregated grants opportunities like and are fine choices as well. When it comes to the factors which determine the eligibility of an applicant, a top yearly GPA, a complete filling of an application form, learning some specific subjects, and the winner of a particular prize are invariably the main factors.

7+ Fresh Gift Ideas for 2019 Graduation

April 29, 2019 10:56:53 AM CST

Graduation is a milestone in every graduate's life which captivates their hearts and souls. Cash or a simple gift card might be too perfunctory to congratulate your family member or schoolmate on their achievements. While coming up with the novel gift ideas that the degree holders really need in their life and are eager to possess can be difficult. If you're struggling on what presents to give the graduate who owns almost everything, here we've listed unique graduation gift ideas exclusively for you as below.

1. Customized Charm Bracelet
Fashion accessories are the considerable and prevailing choices as the graduation presents for girls. As an alternative to something bulk manufactured, selecting a tailor-made charm to adorn a bracelet or a multi-strand necklace would be the sweet spot. When the young recent graduates miss their families, they'll have the invaluable customized charm to jog the memory that they're loved and cherished.

2. A Mirrorless Camera
For capturing the real-time memorable events and everyday lives that constitute the history, a real portable mirrorless camera which fits the fresh professionals' needs is a must. Admittedly, nowadays the photos took by the smartphone are fairly usable or even stunning for some time, getting him or her a mirrorless camera with better low-light performance, more manual settings, and higher image quality rather than let them simply press the camera button on an iPhone is much reasonable and meaningful choice for adulting 2.0.

3. Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggage
Whether the recent graduates head to the dreamed cities for their anticipated span-new careers after commencement or come back to their hometowns for future development, they'll inevitably need a way to carry their personal baggage. After years of painstakingly studying and innumerable campus clubs and activities, they deserve some expandable lightweight spinner suitcases which are durable and secure.

4. A 6 Month Gym Membership
As you approach your mid-twenties, you may undergo as much as a 2% decline in metabolic activity. Latest researches indicated that building the high-powered muscle cells is apt to uplift the basal metabolic burn. Help the college graduates keep fit by offering them an all-access 6-month membership card of leading gyms in the market to get accustomed to weekly workout routines in an extensive network of thousands of fitness studios nationwide.

5. A Commemorative Map of Main Campus
A graphic brochure of campus map printed by Students' Union or Career Center that conserves the memory such as the first date, the last overnight, and initial acquaintance is the one-of-a-kind ceremonial keepsake wherever life takes you.

6. Self-motivated Reflective Journal
To a certain extent, keep jotting the thoughts or inspirations down for self-reflection after a long day at work tends to enrich someone's emotional intelligence and develop their capacity of critical thinking. Writing down short-term objectives on paper is inclined to enable the rookie to stay focused and think holistically when managing pressure. An innovatively designed hardcover agenda journal with effective accomplishment system makes a sound present for workplace newbie to kick off a new routine.

7. Stylish Mini Cactus
The prevalence of those mini-cactus plants in the eye-catching pots has soared over the past few years. As human beings, we have the inherent instinct to commune with nature. Adding certain houseplants like mini-succulents to the homes of young professionals can help them to significantly reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

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