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As the graduation season comes, the colleges and universities are certainly the sea of graduation gowns, caps, sleeves and hoods in a rainbow of colors. All those meaningful symbolized designs of graduation garb in terms of colors, shapes, and ornaments indicates the next phase of the lives of young graduates are drawing near. Admittedly, the commencement is fairly thrilling and it can also be confusing to the guests of the ceremony when it comes to complicated robe styles as well as various colors. The following 3 aspects here are the main determinants which can enable you to decode the norms of dressing:

1. The American Inter-Collegiate Academic Costume Code
As early as 1893, there's a universal regulation on the details of academic regalia in the United States called the American Academic Costume Code. It has been constantly revised over the years to accommodate the addition of emerging majors and has been voluntarily chosen by a majority of institutions. The Inter-Collegiate Code regulates the color code seen in the shell material, interior lining, outer edge of the hood (trim), cap's tassel, and the stripes on the sleeves based on the field of study the candidate is earned (See the picture below). As the Code calls for, a graduation gown worn by the Bachelor has square or pointed sleeves and is designed to be worn closed. For a Master's gown, an oblong sleeve has been adopted. With regards to the Doctor's degree, the Code specifies the usage of the bell-shaped sleeves. Both Master's and Doctor's graduation gowns can be worn closed or open. Although there's no compulsory rule on the colors of clothes under the gown, the nationwide Code suggests graduates wear dark colored clothing (e.g. trousers, shoes, leggings, socks, etc.) to prevent from being seen outside of the graduation gown.

Picture 1

2. University Traditions
There are still a certain number of universities which have their own academic dress codes in consideration of the tradition and inheritance. Some even officially set up subsidiaries to exclusively design and manufacture academic wearings for their doctors, masters, upper degree holders, and bachelors. Besides, the latest version of the Inter-Collegiate Costume Code itself highlights that the possibility to enact enforceable rules on academic clothing ought to be kept as little as possible. Main deviations from the Code typically fall into the colors of gowns, pipings, and velvet trims along with the shapes of robes, and trims. For instance, Harward began using crimson gowns for its Ph.D. candidates and paired its bachelors' black gowns with crimson hoods. Rochester separates itself from the Code through the red robe for its president and the gold trim used on the black gown for some of its faculty. Syracuse puts all of its academic officers in orange gowns since 1950. Princeton created a black doctoral gown with orange trim and shorter orange-lining sleeves compared with the standard of the Code. Other Ivy League schools which adopted their own academic regalia guidelines include Yale, Columbia, Brown, Pennsylvania, and so forth.

3. The Creativity of the Graduates
It's always fun to add a little bit of your own personal style and uniqueness to your graduation cap with tapes, glue stick, cardboard paper, colored pencils, and other art supplies. By indicating the subjects, fraternity affiliation, school societies, or merely a simple "I made it!" with your elaborate DIY decorations on the cap, a ceremonial keepsake that expresses your pride and the mood of commencement has been crafted.

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3 Graduation Party Ideas

October 26, 2018 5:30:47 PM CST

Graduation Party

The end of the fall semester is drawing near, which means it's the season for a batch of new graduates to wear the graduation gown, step onto the stage, be granted their diploma, and throw their caps in the air. Meanwhile, it’s also the job-hunting time that everyone feels the hustle and bustle and may be difficult to get your classmates together. Some of your peers may even start to consider to skip over the coming commencement and fully devote themselves to their new careers. Nevertheless, graduating from college or university is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime milestone that marks the end of your academic life and is worth celebrating with your friends and family. Moreover, a graduation party has the symbolic significance, as considered as “a transition from one phase of someone’s life to the next”. Whether it’s a short-time reunion at the university with your peers or a fun grand party throughout the night, a satisfactory graduation party needs some time of elaborate planning. The longer time you spend preparing the graduation party, the more harmonious atmosphere of the party would be. To enable you to perfectly construct your plan, we have gathered several tips and ideas of preparing for the graduation party.


Start Early with Scheduled Date and Time:

Prior to making any decisions, you’d better ask your peers when they are free and how they’re going to celebrate the one of a kind moment. Are they willing to have a small gathering with merely close friends and family or a large bash? In case of losing the opportunity to get hold of your classmates, there’re great timings you can take advantage of. It is suggested to either ask your buddies when you’re all trying on the graduation gowns behind the stage or get together your fellows after the final exam. Once most of you are inclined to choose a specific date and time slot, please set it down.


Budget Calculation:

Write down a list of necessities like food, beverages, salads, party ornaments, as well as invitation cards and add up the cost. If you have a relatively tight budget, please make every attempt to only choose the items at reasonable prices. Sometimes, you don’t need to feel hesitated to ask a favor of your friends cause most of the guests are pleased to cover the partial indispensable cost.


Popular Activities and Fun Games:

• Photo booth or an open area for taking pictures is one of the staples nowadays for almost any parties. Not only will the attendants receive a snapshot of the memorable moment, but ordering a copy set of all the photos and compiling them into a book is another precious treasure. Additionally, uploading all the pictures on Facebook and sharing the animated photo album by utilizing Facebook’s auto-generation function is gaining popularity.

• Collecting the signatures of every member of your class on the graduation gown is another well-received must-have option.

• Truth or Dare is a classic broad group game in which players have to choose between a hard-to-answer question or an uncomfortable dare. The difficulty of the game varies depending on the settings of the selected dares and questions. Some tough questions or extremely exciting games may help you find another side of yourself and let others know more about you on the other hand.

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3 Tips to be a People Person on Campus

September 27, 2018 3:03:56 PM CST

Students on Campus

Unless you drop out of school or join a distance learning program while going to school, you will be dealing with a variety of people either in your personal space like the flat you shared with your roommates, or the public occasions like the library, orientation and events organized by students. Some experienced an exciting 4 years at university and made the best friends that stuck with them through the lowest of lows and the highest of the highs even after the graduation. Some ignored the unpleasant interactions with classmates and let the negative vibes flow between themselves and their peers.

Here are some suggestions that can help you to avoid the unnecessary conflicts with your fellows at university. After all, everyone deserves a chance to be the best version of themselves and be supportive in the communities.

Learn to Communicate

Everyone comes from different background, living situation, and family, spending a bit of time to talk with your peers and showing mutual respect in the meanwhile by making eye contact will deepen the understanding we have for one another. If there’s something annoying or distracting you, bring it up in a polite manner instead of waiting for the fellow students to read your mind. Sometimes, others may not even be conscious of where the problem is until you raise your concerns.

Consider the Positives

In many cases, it’s inevitable to hear someone’s negative judgments about you behind your back or on social media. Undeniably, it’s extremely hard to ignore those comments if you know they’re doing it merely to be mean. Nevertheless, responding their viciousness is of no help but devote your precious time and energy to something beyond your control. Your reaction or defense won’t help you or anybody in the long term. It is said that we’re normally attracted to people who are different from us because they have certain qualities we hope to possess. If someone won’t accept you anyhow even if you’ve shown all your kindness, please let it be and force yourself to go back to your main focus and studies. Throughout your entire life, it’s an essential skill to keep your eyes on the things that cheer you up and matter to you most because the range of the people you are now contacting with will be just the acquaintances or passers-by someday.

Be Less Competitive and Aggressive

Everyone has their self-esteems. There’s nothing wrong with being productive and seeking all the resources you can get to pursue a higher GPA. But it’s definitely none of your business how any of your schoolmates did on a recent examination. It is not fun and fair to share other’s privacy to meet your own curiosity. Whenever you have the desire to start gossiping, ask yourself, “what are the more meaningful things you can do right now?”. Your life will have a big difference if you don’t indulge yourself in pointless comparison and transient gain and loss.


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Four options to take after you graduate

May 24, 2018 3:39:13 PM CST

After a crazy graduation celebration, throwing the graduation caps into the air, you and your friends were gathering, drinking and saying goodbye to rushing assignments, exams and the lovely diet with cereal and baked beans. Seems like your future is so bright and shiny after graduation. However, for the ones having a clear plan, it’s true, but for the rest of you, it’s might not that easy. First of all, you should seriously ask yourself three “simple” questions:

1. Who do you want to be?

2. What kinds of work do you want to do?

3. Which type of lifestyle do you want to have?

The words are easy to understand, but lots of people can ‘t tell the answers because the answers will bring out the choices, which will further impact your following life. In fact, there are various options to take after university and everyone has their own journeys, so all of you will be different. You can go to a postgraduate school, find a graduate job, start your own business or even travel around the world. Whichever you choose means that you should take the full advantages of any free time to make your plans and take real actions.

what to do after graduate

1. Get a graduate job

After graduation, Looking for a good job is the choice for the majority of new graduates. Your first port of call should be communicating with your relevant university department, for parts of them, they do offer recruitment service for their students and it will significantly lower the working barrier for you.

According to the words of Philippa Hardie, a careers consultant at the University of Chester, sometimes small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) are the most suitable options for fresh graduates. Being a small fish in a big pound is not right for everyone and SMEs can offer your more training and challenges.

Moreover, finding a job may take a while. Be carefully don’t leave a blank gap on the CV, you can fill the time with some part-time jobs, volunteering, and internship.

2. Become you own boss

Don’t just stand inside the box, sometime you need to stand outside to see the world. If you can’t find a dream job and don’t want to settle for just a job, why not create one by starting your own company, it could be a extremly interesting process to turn your business idea into reality. Therefore, if you have the sufficient confidence and tenacity, self-employment should be a smart move. There are some main advantages for self-employment:

* Independent power to make decisions

* Control over what to do and who to work with

* Flexible time management

* Pay for any opportunities fit with you

However, nothing is perfect. You should understand that self-employment also means that you need to juggle a number of responsibilities such as marketing the business, staff management, uncertainty/problem management and financial things. Therefore, before starting your own business, you should be sure that if you would like to take these challenges.

3. Go for a master degree

“If you really have a desire to study a particular aspect of your undergraduate course in more depth, then postgraduate study is the answer, says Philippa.

Therefore, if you are certain that you have the right reasons, It’s still a good choice to back to school and study for a specific master degree you are interested. Some courses like law and philosophy do need an in-depth study to qualify. However, don’t take it to just stall for time, it’s not worth and your important years could be wasted.

4. Take a gap year

Travelling around the world to take a gap could help you see more the world, meet different kinds of cultures and learn various languages. it’s not just playing, a rich life experience could make you as a much more attractive job candidate and also bring you with some fantastic inspiration during your career in a long run.

If you want, working while travelling is also a good option to develop your skills and could help you find out your favorite lifestyle during the process. Don’t expect a dream job will be standing there to let you catch, try as much as you can to discover it.

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It is the beginning of summer and that means graduation commencement ceremonies! The perfect way to adorn your graduate is in a premium graduation cap and gown package from Graduation Mall. At every year around this time, millions of graduates throughout the United States take the great walk across the stage at their institution of learning to receive their diplomas. It is a momentous occasion filled with tremendous joy and pride as they take their diploma, and then move their tassel across their graduation cap.  After the last graduate has received their diploma, a benediction is offered, the commencement officially ends, where it is followed by the tradition of caps flying into the air.

graduation cap gown royal blue

First off, let Graduation Mall be the first to congratulate you on your forthcoming graduation.  It is a special time that holds tremendous meaning which has a rich and centuries old tradition. Over the course of our years in business, many customers ask us about the tradition of academic regalia.  How did these traditions come about?  Who started the use of the cap and gown, or the graduation stole? Believe it or not, the answer lies in Great Britain not long after the succession of Henry II. 

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