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Academic Regalia to Graduate with Honors

Graduation is a time for celebration. Quality academic regalia is key to feeling important and noticed. Graduation cords or stoles as well as a traditional cap and gown let others know that you are graduating with honors or with special notice for your achievements. This is an opportunity to reflect on the past and envision the future while celebrating what you have worked so hard to accomplish.

About Our Academic Regalia

Our garments and accessories come in a variety of colors and combinations. You can customize you academic regalia to represent your degree, or to express a special position you may have held during your time in school, such as class president. We offer a wide variety of fabrics, finishes, colors and custom options to ensure that your look is uniquely you, and a true representation of your achievements. Partner your cap and gown with cords, stoles or special tassels as an outward expression of all you have accomplished and where you intend to go next.

About GraduationMall

At GraduationMall, we offer quality, affordable graduation stoles, caps, cords, gowns, accessories, diploma covers and gifts. We are our own manufacturer, so we are able to offer the highest quality graduation garments and accessories at the most affordable prices. We also offer free expedited processing times for those last minute items that you may have forgotten on your initial order. Our custom graduation stoles, cords, gowns and accessories come in a wide selection of colors, so you can be sure you get the items you want in the correct color.

We have been in business since 2003, and in the decade plus that we have been tailoring graduation garments, we've come to know what graduates want and need to make their big day memorable. You can be confident in the quality of our caps and gowns because we put our work through extensive quality control, and we have a great customer service team to answer any questions you may have.

Today is your day! Seize it, enjoy it, celebrate your success and look forward to a bright future. Wear regalia that makes you feel important and proud for all you have worked so hard to achieve without breaking the bank. Put your graduation day in your memories, not just for what you have accomplished but also for how you felt that day. If you are ready to keep graduation affordable and express your achievements through your academic regalia, then order your cap, gown and accessories from GraduationMall today.