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Beautiful PhD Regalia That Shows Off Your Accomplishments

PhD regalia can be one way that you show off your educational accomplishments. If you have spent years working toward the goal of a PhD, whether to teach at a university level or in pursuit of another program, you should be proud of your accomplishments. Show off that pride with regalia suited to your PhD program so that at commencements and formal functions – or even for display – you have the academic regalia you have earned.

With programs having different display requirements and school colors, you need to be sure you find the right doctoral regalia for sale to suit your program. At GraduationMall, you can find the PhD regalia that you need to represent your academic advancement and your program and school specifications.

Order Custom and Show Off Your PhD regalia

While many companies rent or offer generic commencement regalia for sale, GraduationMall lets you purchase your PhD garments outright, letting you buy the highest quality so that you always represent your degree with honor and integrity. Instead of renting your gown for academic functions, graduations, or other purposes, you can purchase your PhD gown at GraduationMall.

For a budget conscious option, we offer stock doctoral gowns in a variety of common colors and color combinations. Black on black is a typical, classic PhD look that lends an air of gravitas and accomplishment to your PhD gown. Our deluxe gown is also available with gold piping or blue velvet trim for an additional touch of flair that doesn't detract from the classic look.

For a full-on custom order, our custom PhD gown lets you specify the gown color, velvet color, trim color, and additional chevrons and other features so that your regalia suits your school, program, and any specializations. From there, you can add tams, beefeater style hats, or doctoral hoods to truly complete the look of your regalia outfit.

High Quality and Durable Regalia Gowns

Of course, if you had to replace your gown after every wearing, that cost would add up. At GraduationMall we offer the highest quality gowns available, manufactured in our own plant to keep costs lower while durability and wearability remain of the utmost concern. Woven of 100% durable and cleanable polyester, our gowns will last for years and still remain easy to maintain, with a heavy drape and excellent appearance during wear. At GraduationMall, we put the quality of our academic gowns and your customer satisfaction as our top priority. If you are looking for PhD regalia to celebrate your recent accomplishment, look to GraduationMall today.