Upperscale Graduation Frames in All Styles and Sizes from GraduationMall

Graduation happens to be one of the most memorable experiences of one’s life; it doesn’t matter if you graduate from elementary school or high school or college. The truth is that the experience is valuable since it marks the transition from one chapter of life into the next. Graduates can always say, “I did it!” When it comes to this special experience; we know that most graduates desire to keep the invaluable items that were a part of those graduations. These items include the graduation gown, the cap, the diploma cover, the class ring, etcetera.


If you or someone else you know has graduated or is graduating, then cherishing that experience is valuable because it is or will be a beautiful reminder of that transition that shows what you have accomplished or will accomplish and it will be something marvelous that you will be able to relive with friends and family for the rest of your life. A wonderful thing about us at GraduationMall is that we offer beautiful diploma frames amongst other products that graduates can use to facilitate the memorization of those precious experiences so that – by looking back at graduation day – one can be reminded not just of the fact that they finished a memorable chapter of life but the diploma and the frame that protects it will also share to remind graduates of all of the precious memories that were a part of that chapter – the laughs, the crying moments, and the moments where each graduate confronted something difficult and overcame it because they could do so. They knew that they will be able to face any future challenges since they were victorious at that moment. Below, we would like to share some of our graduate frame options with you so that you may be able to find something to your own liking that will help you or someone you know cherish those beautiful memories.


Graduate Shadow Box Frame for 4x6-inch Photos with a Tassel Holder (SKU: DF007)

This graduate shadow box frame with a tassel holder is the Swiss Army knife of graduate frames since it not only holds a 4x6-inch photo – but, it also allows you to insert a “Class of…” card at the bottom and also the graduation tassel to the right. The frame itself is made of high-quality recycled polystyrene with a black wood grain finish and a real glass front – with a table stand and wall hooks along the back. This graduate frame is a perfect gift for graduates because it can be placed on any surface, and it also will be a direct reminder of the graduate’s feelings on that special graduation day due to the photo being visible.


8.5x11-inch Graduate Document Frame with a Tassel Holder (SKU: DF005)

This graduate document frame with a tassel holder is also a nice product for valuable graduation memories since it holds an 8x11-inch document to the left as well as the graduation tassel to the right. The frame itself is made of high-quality recycled polystyrene with a redwood grain finish and a real glass front. Wall hooks are found along the back, and a double-matte is included with a gold/black accent. This graduate document frame is a perfect gift for graduates due to its sorghum red frame which accentuates home/work offices, making allowing it to last for decades.


2 Pack of 8.5x 11-inch / 11x14-inch / A4 Size Graduate Document Frame High-definition Glass (SKU: DF10B-2)

This pack of two graduate document frames is a nice valuable option for graduation memories since they can hold 8x11-inch, 11x14-inch, or A4-sized documents. The frames themselves are made of high-quality recycled polystyrene with a nice black wood grain finish that also includes a clear high-definition glass front. Two sturdy hangers are found around the back for vertical and horizontal hanging options. This 2-pack of graduate document frames are a fabulous gift for graduates due to their affordable price and excellent craftsmanship.


Signable Graduate Photo Frame Fit for 5x7-inch Photos (SKU: PF007)

This unique graduate frame is an interestingly valuable option for graduates who would like to not only cherish the memories of that special graduation day but, who would also like to keep the comradery of their graduation class strong and tight-knit. The frame offers a white matte material that perfectly fits most of the pictures and the matte material is specially manufactured for classmates’ signatures so that graduates can keep their classmates’ respect and admiration close to them for the rest of their lives. Each frame sports high-quality recycled polystyrene with a black wood grain finish and a real glass front. Two hangers are found on the back for both horizontal and vertical displaying. 


Graduation Diploma Frames