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Cords For Graduation

Cords For Graduation Set Your Graduates Apart From the Crowd

If you are looking for a way to set apart your special graduates, cords for graduation are an excellent way to distinguish students during a commencement ceremony. Cords and stoles have been used for decades to denote special achievements during commencement. Superb academic achievement is one reason that graduates are awarded cords – for example, honor society members may wear a cord to denote honor society membership.

Membership in sororities, fraternities, or groups is another common reason to wear a cord or stole at graduation. Many academic and social societies use particular colored stoles or cords for their graduates. Whichever the case, stoles and cords for graduation make an excellent addition to any commencement activity, allowing you to inexpensively but graciously acknowledge special graduates.

Specialty Stoles, Sashes, and Cords For Graduation

Stoles and graduation honor cords make an excellent way to customize your commencement gear for high-achieving or special group graduates. GraduationMall offers a wide variety of customizable stoles and cords for academic and commencement use. Cords come in several colors, and stoles come with several additional options. Choose from plain stoles in a variety of colors and a beautiful, shiny finish. Imprinted stoles are pre-imprinted with commonly requested phrases, such as valedictorian or salutatorian.

A third option remains in customized stoles, available with customized text in several locations on the stole to denote either academic achievement or club or organizational membership. While plain stoles are an excellent choice for keepsakes, customized stoles may be a more economical choice if you plan to keep the stoles from year to year. Whichever stole or cord options you choose, you can choose from classic gold colors, or a myriad of colors to match your school color scheme.

Affordable and Durable

Graduation cords and stoles from GraduationMall are affordable and durable, lasting for years if you choose to reuse the same garments. Easy to give to graduates and wear just prior to commencement, they are a popular choice for commencement accessories, in addition to the standard tassels for caps. Should you choose to retain your stoles and cords for year-to-year use, they will last and hold up well to multiple uses. Durable and easy to clean polyester makes up each cord and stole, with an attractive, satin finish to each item.

Because cords and stoles are easy to store, they make an excellent and affordable accessory with a high return on investment when purchased. Should you, however, choose to give them to your graduates, cords for graduation are an excellent keepsake for your commencement participants.