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Graduation Caps & Tassels

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Graduation caps are considered a formal part of the graduation gown today.At the doctoral level,the rules change significantly.While the coloring still remains black,the doctoral graduate is allowed to wear an eight-sided or six-sided doctoral tam if they choose,and it no longer has to be made of the same material as the gown.In fact,at this level the fabric recommended by the Code is velvet, which is exclusive to those graduating at this level. 

The classic graduation cap is also popular among those earning a master degree/bachelor degree in a subject.For High school students,we offer shiny graduation cap and matte graduation cap.What’s more,12 colors for Pre-K caps are available.Our graduation cap coming with free tassel(different color options) and year charm(2017,2018,2019 options). 

Choosing a wonderful tassel for your graduation cap.We carry one-color tassel,two-color tassel,even three-color tassel.Choose from over 25 different colors which can also be customized or combined to create a perfect color combination for your school, organization, club, or event. If you’re in the market for graduation cap and tassel,graduation hat,cap decoration,doctoral tam,look no further than GraduationMall.

Not only do we carry high quality products that we make in our own factory, you’ll get a much shorter processing time and not have to worry about fees for expedited shipping on items in stock. Please contact us for better price offer, if bulk order.