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Honor Cord

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Each end of Our Honor cords has Ball Tassel and finished with a brilliant, soft stranded tassel, giving it a fuller and thicker look. Our cords come in pairs with a knot in the middle to hold them together.They are available in a variety of colors and combinations.

GraduationMall offers honor cords for graduation that lends distinction to a graduate by symbolizing honor graduates and recognizing different notable accomplishments during the education of the student.

With cap and gown, and the hood, high school or university degree candidates have worn these graduation Honor Cords at the discretion of the educational institution, but they are not usually worn with academic regalia after the academic year in which the honor was awarded. Unlike hoods and stoles, by tradition more than one graduation cord may be worn at the same time. Graduation cords for sale at graduationmall we  offers graduation cords cheap.