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Graduation Honor Cords

Graduation Honor Cords Denote Special Achievements For Your Graduates

Graduation honor cords are one great way to denote the special achievements your graduates have accomplished. At the high school level, honor cords are a way to indicate involvement in honor societies or clubs, or to set apart graduates of a certain GPA or achievement level.

For the college level, many different academic and social societies, fraternities, and sororities often use specific colors for cords to show membership or achievement. Whichever level of schooling you are buying graduation honor cords or stoles for, GraduationMall has color options and honor cords to help make your graduates stand out at commencements.

A Variety of Options For Graduation Honor Cords

Cords for graduation are one way that many academic institutions highlight academic accomplishment or group membership. Other schools prefer to use academic stoles, either in a solid color or emblazoned with a group name or achievement. Whichever option you choose, GraduationMall has the accessories you need to highlight the accomplishments of your graduates.

High quality cords are woven of double-stranded polyester and tied into soft tassels at each end. Available in several colors, these cords make an excellent keepsake for graduates, and are an inexpensive way to recognize special achievements.

Stoles, a second option, are made from colorful polyester in a satin finish. While stoles can be purchased in simple colors, they can also be completely customized for future use by your school. Embroidery, lettering, or accomplishments can be easily added to stoles for more school spirit or distinction.

Durable and Easy to Use

The benefit of graduation cords and stoles is their ability to set apart graduates in a unique way without costing much to add to commencement wear. Unlike a special gown or larger garment, stoles and cords are inexpensive. Thus, they allow you to offer a keepsake and custom option to students that can be easily purchased and easily worn. Because of their low cost, they can be ordered on an annual basis, or purchased in quantity and kept to be used from year to year.

Plain stoles feature no customization, while imprinted stoles are pre-printed with popular labels such as valedictorian. Custom stoles offer a completely customizable option for your school. Durable polyester cords and stoles store well, are easy to clean, and require no special or bulky storage provisions, as they can be stored in a small space. Furthermore, cords and stoles are easy to wear, not requiring any preparation or advance hand out to students prior to commencement. GraduationMall carries a large variety of graduation honor cords.