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High Quality Graduation Stoles and Cords

High Quality Graduation Stoles and Cords

If you are planning a commencement, graduation stoles and cords are an important part of any official commencement ceremony. Typically used to set apart students of academic distinction or students that belong to particular organizations and groups, high school graduation cords are as part and parcel of the graduation ceremony as caps and gowns and diplomas.

What makes graduation stoles and cords so important? Because cords and stoles are inexpensive, they are often a keepsake for graduates to take with them long after they have returned their gowns and traveled on to a career or college. At GraduationMall we offer a full selection of stoles, cords, and other accessories – as well as caps and gowns – to provide your graduates with everything they need for their special, celebratory day.

Graduation Stoles and Cords as Keepsakes

Many students get to keep their stoles or cords from their commencement, so choosing the right stoles and cords is important. While all of your graduates will generally keep their tassels, for those students who are part of a special group or who have shown academic excellence, having that additional keepsake as a reminder of their accomplishments is important. For that reason, it is important to find cords or stoles that are quality enough to stand up to the test of time.

At GraduationMall we have a variety of stoles and cords available in an array of colors to match any academic or club need. From standard, classic gold to purple and burgundy to blue, match your school colors or the colors of a specific group easily. Our durable polyester yarn cords are soft and supple with soft, knotted tassel ends. They will store well and hold up to years of display, ready for your graduates to relive their commencement memories at any time.

Stoles Make a Great Addition to Commencement Ceremonies

Stoles are a more modern-looking option for graduates, and can also be ordered from GraduationMall in a variety of colors. These satiny, polyester stoles, like our honor cords, hold up well to wear and stand the test of time to become a lasting memory for your graduates.

Stoles may be ordered in a solid color, purchased with pre-printed phrases such as “valedictorian” or “salutatorian,” or may be ordered in a custom configuration to include the motto or phrase that best suits your ceremony. Choose from simple colors like black or white or gold, or go for school colors to add a splash of school spirit to your commencement ceremony. Whether you order graduation stoles and cords to enhance your ceremony or as a keepsake for your graduates, GraduationMall can help.