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High School Graduation Cords

High School Graduation Cords Offer a Variety of Memories

If you are planning a high school commencement, high school graduation cords are a must have for your graduates. Used for decades to set apart students of academic distinction and those who belong to special groups or clubs, graduation cords and stoles are an inherent part of commencement ceremonies, just like caps and gowns. Importantly, high school graduation cords often become a keepsake for graduates, who store them or display them as a fond memory of their high school days.

In order to provide these for students, however, where can you look? GraduationMall has a variety of attractive cords and stoles for any commencement ceremony, all of high quality and durable make at an affordable price that won’t break your budget. Don’t trust rental companies to deliver these accessories with your gowns when you can purchase them for a reasonable cost and provide your graduates with lasting memories.

High School Graduation Cords of Supreme Quality

At GraduationMall, we know that affordability and quality can, in fact, go hand in hand. As manufacturers of our own gowns and accessories, we are able to keep our available prices low and still provide a quality, durable product. Our graduation and honor cords are made of sturdy and soft polyester yarn, tied in tassel knots at the ends. Each cord is twisted in a fashionable and classic twist, and cords come in a variety of colors to suit any need.

Go with a classic gold look for honor society, or spice up your commencement by adding in cords of different colors for different school groups. Whichever options you choose, our cords will last in storage or on display for years, never losing their sheen or flexibility, and providing a memorable keepsake for your graduates.

Choose From Cords or Stoles

Some modern commencements prefer the use of graduation stoles over cords. These stoles, as accessories, work similarly to cords, letting you distinguish students of exceptional accomplishment, or specific groups. Choose stoles instead – or use stoles and cords in combination.

GraduationMall offers three levels of quality graduation stoles, from the basic, single color stole to a completely customizable stole in your choice of colors. You can choose your phrases or go with a pre-printed option that features popular titles such as “valedictorian” already printed, in stock, and ready to go. All of our stoles are made from durable, satin finish polyester and will provide years of memories for your graduates. If you need the highest quality high school graduation cords and stoles, look to GraduationMall today.