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Honor Cords Show Acclaim For Your Special Graduates

Honor cords are an excellent way for you to show acclaim for your graduates, but where can they be purchased for a low enough price that your graduates can keep their cords as a keepsake? At GraduationMall you can find a complete selection of cords for graduation, graduation stoles, and other accessories that are so affordable that your students can afford to keep them without breaking your yearly budget.

Typically used to denote special academic success or membership in a particular group or organization, honor cords and stoles have been used for years as a special mark of honor in commencement ceremonies. With GraduationMall you can choose the options you need, including color and even personalization, letting you bring this special tradition to your commencement ceremony.

Honor Cords in a Variety of Colors

Whether you want a traditional gold style honor cord or a different color to denote different groups or achievements, GraduationMall has the cords you are looking for. Made from durable, soft and satiny polyester cording, our graduation cords are long-lasting and stand up to tough wear. They are capable of lasting for many years of use – or of being stored in perpetuity by your graduates as a keepsake of their academic accomplishments. Since cords are available in numerous colors, you can choose to order a traditional gold style or something more associated with your school colors, school groups, or school spirit.

For organizers that want a more modern-looking take on graduation gear, stoles are an excellent option as well. Stoles are also available in durable, beautiful satiny polyester and come in a range of colors. GraduationMall offers three levels of stoles, from a basic single color option to a pre-printed stole that features common graduation distinctions, such as valedictorian, already printed onto them. Stoles are also available for custom order, so you can add your own text, awards, or group wording to the stole.

Affordable and Distinctive

Cords and stoles from GraduationMall are available for discount rates in bulk quantities, and already come at a low cost. GraduationMall uses its own manufacturing plant, allowing us to make a quality product and pass the savings along to you. This makes our stoles and cords the perfect commencement addition for your graduates at a cost that lets them keep their stoles and cords as keepsakes. While all of your graduates will generally keep their tassels, this additional keepsake of honor cords for high achieving or special group students is a popular option and – with GraduationMall – an affordable one.