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Single Color Honor Cord -Gold

SKU: CD001-Gold

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Quick Overview

Single Color Honor Cord

1/2 length 30"

8 color available

The Many Uses of Golden Honor Cords

The use of golden honor cords is incredibly popular in academia. They are a symbol of achievement and can be worn in a number of different ways to show associations, accomplishments, and specializations. Much like the graduation cap, they have a long history and are layered with deeply significant symbolic meanings based on how they are worn, if they are mixed with other colors, and when they are actually put on.

Basic Golden Honor Cords

There are a number of different meanings for basic golden honor cords. While they can be very specific in their application, they also have more general meanings as well.
Technically, an unadorned golden cord can be indicative of belonging specifically to the Alpha Mu Gamma honor society, a group focused primarily on foreign language learning and founded in 1931 in Los Angeles. While this is technically true, the fact of the matter is that an unadorned gold cord is so simple and related to so many more widespread understandings of the meaning of “gold” as a color that this is rarely the assumption when students are wearing one at graduation.
Instead, the golden cord is more often used to indicate that the student is graduating with honors of some sort. This is most often related to high GPA or generally outstanding academic achievement. Usually when one is ordered, it will come in pairs or triplets of strands that have been tied together in the middle with a single knot. The number of strands that are on display can indicate the level of achievement a student has had while in school. One strand is graduating Cum Laude (“With Honor”), two strands indicates Magna Cum Laude (“With Great Honor”), and three strands for Summa Cum Laude (“With Highest Honor”).
Honor cords shouldn’t be confused with graduation stoles, which can have a much wider color palate and generally are indicative of different awards and associations.

Defining Honors at Various Schools

Of course, utilizing the honor cord to signify academic achievement is only one of many uses for it. As alluded to above, the honor cord can be in many colors, often a combination of several, and each can indicate a particular honor society to which one belongs. The color code is established by the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS), which keeps a particular registry of which societies are represented by which color or combination of colors.
The Delta Mu Theta honor society, for example, is assigned the colors purple and gold. A person wearing a cord with these two colors twined can be assumed to belong to that particular society. Gold on its own, as mentioned, is assigned to the Alpha Mu Gamma honor society, though they are not permitted to use multiple strands as that is too easily confused with those who are graduating with higher academic honors.
The honor cord is also generally matched by the tassel on an academic cap. The tassel should reflect the honor society colors or be pure gold for those graduating with honors. In the case of somebody both graduating with honors and as part of an honor society, they are allowed to choose the tassel color in most cases, though many end up with the gold one to highlight their grades and the work they did to achieve that level of recognition.
High schools have slightly different approaches to how they award and use honor cords. Since they are not bound by the rules of the Inter-Collegiate Code, they have a lot more leniency in how they honor their students, though some traditions have become standard among a number of schools across the United States.
For example, cord color is often used by schools to indicate achievement in a particular subject, with gold being reserved for more generally high grades. Colored cords can also indicate membership in various school activities like band or newspaper. Many honor societies have expanded their reach from the university system into the high schools, and their cord colors may be available to students depending on the administration of that particular school.
Quality That Will Last
If you’ve put in the work to earn the right to wear an honor cord at your graduation, you want it to last as long as possible. That’s why you should get yours from GraduationMall.
Not only do we have some of the finest products available, but we manufacture them ourselves in our own factory so that we can stand by the quality of production with confidence. Because we make our own products, you can be sure that you’ll get much faster shipping times than any other company on the Internet and will never have to pay additional fees for expedited shipping on items in stock.
Don’t waste your money on products that will fall apart after only a few years. Get your golden honor cords from us today.

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Tassel details
-Material: Polyester Yarn
- Durable Twisted Fabric
-Tassel in each End
- Knotted Ends
- 12 Colors.Gold, also called golden, is one of a variety of yellow-orange color blends used to give the impression of the color of the element gold.

Cord Measurements
-Length: 70” with Tassel
-Tassel Length: 4” each End
-Cord Length: 62”

About our Single Color Graduation Cord:

This single color graduation cord is made of durable, smooth twisted fabric. Each end is knotted and finished with a brilliant, soft stranded tassel. This graduation cord will make you the out-standing one on the graduation day. This cord will also make a great souvenir to keep with after the graduation since this applies for many degrees. We offer you with the most affordable price and you will save more money with more orders.

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