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Academic Regalia

Turn your graduation ceremony into a splendid memory with our best-in-class academic dress.

High School Graduation Caps and Gowns
Diploma Covers and Tubes
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Customized Graduation Products

Customize Your Own Style

Show your school spirit and characteristic by our personalized graduation products like caps, gowns, stoles, diploma covers and more. Celebrate your excellent moment in your own personal style!

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Customized Graduation Products

Customize Your Own Style

Celebrate your excellent moment in your own personal style !

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Customer evaluation

Sharp Students

Premium Matte Graduation Cap and Gown Package

March 25, 2019
As a return customer, we were very pleased that the quality was the same. The new stoles, caps and gowns all matched perfectly with the old ones,and we are very satisfied.

Deluxe Custom Doctoral Gown

June 15, 2019
I am more than happy with the quality of this product. The service that I received was excellent,the quality was exceptional, and the embroidery was incredibly detailed with impeccable skill. I'm very pleased!

Deluxe Custom Doctoral Gown

August 23, 2019
Regarding my order of my custom doctoral gown and hood, all I can say was WOW!!! What really floored me was how great the custom embroidery worked on the velvet fronts...truly amazing!