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  10. Custom Classic Honor Stole
    Custom Classic Honor Stole $25.95 As low as $8.95
  11. Custom Slanted Honor Stole
    Custom Slanted Honor Stole $25.95 As low as $8.95
  12. Custom Plain-End Honor Stole
    Custom Plain-End Honor Stole $25.95 As low as $8.95
  13. Custom Graduation Sash
    Custom Graduation Sash $20.95 As low as $10.95
  14. Custom V-neck Stole
    Custom V-neck Stole $20.95 As low as $10.95
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Items 1-30 of 51

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Different Kinds of Graduation Honor Stoles & Sashes


Graduation honor stoles, also know as a honor sash or grad stole, are a vital and popular item for a college graduation ceremony. Graduationmall’s wide range of graduation stoles includes the plain graduation stoles, slanted graduation stoles, custom graduation stoles and more. Each of them is made of high-quality shiny satin fabrics, which is durable and lightweight. Our exquisite graduation sashes can be a good match for college graduation gowns. If you want to custom your graduation sash, we could embroider or print your unique logo or text on your stole according to your requirements. The custom slanted honor stole with trim is one of the most popular products on our site, which can make you the focus at your graduation. Each of our graduation honor stoles is crafted with a spotless balance of design and style. These honor stoles can be purchased in a variety of colors, stole length, imprints to suit different people’s tastes. Just create your unique graduation honor stole at Graduationmall!