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The Magnificent Deluxe Custom Doctoral Gown


At GraduationMall, you will find the most resplendent stock deluxe Doctoral gowns and custom Doctoral gown available. Whether you are looking for the deluxe PhD gowns with black velvet trim and gold piping or customized PhD academic regalia in your university’s colors, our doctorate academic regalia along with the academic hoods guarantee the degree candidate an impressive look on commencement day. The deluxe custom doctoral graduation gown in black trim with gold is made with 100% polyester and gabardine featuring a velvet front panel with three matching bars on each sleeve. As with all of our academic apparel and graduation hoods, the PhD graduation gown can be customized in a variety of colors; depending on the scholastic field of study. While black is customary for the Doctoral degree, many institutions allow the option of embellishing the velvet bars for special scholastic achievements.


Similar to our academic costumes such as caps and gowns which are made of light-weight, crease-resistant material, our deluxe PhD gowns, doctoral tams, and deluxe hoods offer expert craftsmanship and handmade top-drawer quality. Not only are all of our graduation robes free-flowing and comfortable to wear, but they also offer highly decorative features that set the wearers apart from the others. Our perfect Doctoral regalia offers a darted, reinforced shoulder yoke with handcrafted fluting across the shoulder and back. Each detail of the academic dress has been thoughtfully planned out to bring our customers the highest quality available on the market.


We endeavor to keep up with the latest trends and styles, ensuring that all of our academic apparel is on the cutting edge of fashion. While we pride ourselves in fashion-forward scholastic garments, we also offer a complete line of more faculty regalia purchase selections for those who prefer to follow a more traditional approach on commencement day. Of course, it is our highly competitive pricing that gives us the leading edge among the competition. This is what our customers have come to expect from GraduationMall.