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Solid Color Honor Cord - 18 Colors AvailableSolid Color Honor Cord - 18 Colors Available
Combo Color Honor Cord - 23 Color Combinations AvailableCombo Color Honor Cord - 23 Color Combinations Available
Customized Combo Colors Honor CordsCustomized Combo Colors Honor Cords

Honor Cord

Graduation Honor Cords


Similar to other graduation accessories like graduation stoles, premium honor cords for graduation are the selectable accessories worn by honorary degree candidates, professors, and faculty members on the commencement. The braided cords for college graduation are the conventional and unique symbol to either differentiate the awarded graduates from their peers for their special academic achievements and honors like summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude or indicate the status of the university staff on the graduation ceremony. Our custom graduation cords and stock twisted cords come in loads of color combinations and a set of tier prices to accommodate the diverse needs of schools or individual students. Both the single cords and the double-color honor cords that are designed to honor graduates are composed of durable 100% polyester yarn with the tightly-knotted tassel on each end.