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Economy Master Cap Gown & Hood PackageEconomy Master Cap Gown & Hood Package
Deluxe Master Cap Gown & Hood PackageDeluxe Master Cap Gown & Hood Package
Deluxe Academic Garment BagDeluxe Academic Garment Bag
Deluxe Academic Garment Bag Sale price$11.95 USD

Caps, Gowns, Tassels & Hoods

Master Graduation Cap, Gown & Hood Packages


If you are tired of selecting graduation product one by one, it’s a good way to save your precious time to purchase this master graduation cap, gown & hood package at Graduationmall. Our high-quality master graduation pack consists of the classic black graduation gown with a fashion design, a fancy academic cap, tassel and a exquisite masters hood. The tassel color, year charm and hood are available in a variety of options, which means you can customize your master graduation suit according to your needs. Our master degree hood provides 9 colors to choose, including the velvet, lining and chevron color. Academic hood is a badge of honor that testify the great achievements made by graduates. It’s really one of the most crucial part of your academic dress. Each of our master degree robes is crafted by experienced craftsmen with the top quality polyester fabrics. Order your unique master graduation pack with reasonable prices at Graduationmall today!