About GraduationMall 

GraduationMall start to ship the first package from an apartment basement in Oakland since 2010 year. After more than 10 years, we have shipped over 1.5million graduation products orders to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Australia. We served the graduates from preschool, high school to university all over the world. As our brand GraduationMall meaning, we hope to be a graduation products shopping mall, supplying the one stop service of all graduation related products. Every graduate and ceremony organizer can acquire the valuable, affordable and creative achievement and memorable products and shopping experience in GraduationMall. We are here, GraduationMall is ready for your achievement time!


We have the best quality

We have our own production facility here at GraduationMall, we have an exemplary production capacity which enables us to provide you with only the best graduation gowns and accessories at wholesale prices that you won’t find anywhere else; especially for the quality products that we offer. Don’t take our word for it; take a look at the great positive feedback our customers have left us. Not only do most of our customers come back to us for additional purchases, they also provide us with a good reference to all of their family and friends.


You can customize the style at will.

When you choose the experts here at GraduationMall, you can choose between both stock and customized items to meet your graduation needs. Stock items come in a variety of colors and are ready to ship and great for those on a budget. Our Customized graduation gowns and accessories are special made for you and can come in many colors and can even come with an embroidered school logo if you choose.


We have our own factory

One of the greatest advantages of GraduationMall is that we have our own factories where all of our quality products are produced which means that we are able to pass down this savings to you. By removing the middle man from the operation there is no mark up so you can be sure that you can get all of the quality graduation gowns, caps and accessories for the best prices here at GraduationMall.


We provide samples free of charge

If you would like to try before you buy, we can even send you a free sample so that you can see our quality products before your purchase; contact us for more information. So, if you want the best graduation caps and gowns, stoles, diploma covers or other stock or customized graduation accessories; we are here to serve you at GraduationMall!