Accommodating University During the Pandemic

Accommodating University During the Pandemic

This time of year sparks new challenges for young adults as they look into either continuing their college classes or as they look into getting information on colleges so that they can start a new chapter in their lives. We at GraduationMall resonate with each student because we find these challenges to be something exciting that could determine the course of each one’s rest of their lives. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this new chapter in life has been compromised in a large way; not only have on-campus college classes been canceled in a large way but new and existing students are being forced to think about new ways to enjoy the college experience. Below, we would like to provide new students with some tips on how to get started in the college experience. These tips may be a life-saver as they will help students to more easily adapt to the pandemic situation while getting started on their college journey.


Do Your Research

Before the pandemic started and before colleges started to put into place policies to evade contagion of COVID-19, searching for colleges was done in a very specific and detailed manner. Prospective students could decide whether or not they wanted to go to a college that provided a good on-campus experience, that had a good program for what they wanted to study and graduate with, and also that had tuition costs that fit their budgets. With the pandemic, these options have been strained since most colleges have put in place strict attendance policies or have closed their doors; in order to find a good college nowadays. It is important for students to look for colleges that meet their specific program needs – but that allows students to take their classes online since most colleges don’t currently have on-campus classes going on or even an on-campus life. Likewise, it is important for students to watch tuition costs since it could be that college costs have risen.


Buy the Right Supplies

Since colleges have changed the way in which they give their classes, it is important for students to change the way they prepare for entering into college. Before, it was very important to purchase or rent books from college campuses because it was one of the most cost-effective and convenient means of getting study materials. Likewise, students normally bought notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, white-out, and other physical materials for the in-class experience. Due to the forced changes as a result of the pandemic, classes have now become virtual for the most part. What this entails is that students should consider changing their focus from buying physical materials to buying materials that are convenient for virtual studies. For example, students should purchase e-books which are cheaper and also more easily accessible. They should also make sure that they have the right laptop or PC (laptops are more convenient than PCs). They should make sure that they have the right computer programs depending on their degree program needs, and they should purchase or download without cost the right programs for their study needs – like Microsoft OneNote – which has been deemed one of the most compact and most feature-filled for all note-taking needs.


Register for Classes with Anticipation

As is recommended for prospective students looking to start classes on-campus, we also recommend – and with more fervency – that prospective students register for online classes with anticipation to guarantee that they don't miss registration deadlines. Normally, this should be from 2 to 3 months before classes start. By registering for classes with anticipation, this also assures students that they can get the requirements for their needed supplies on time to give them time to get their supplies before classes start. A student who has everything in order before classes start is a student who can start off on the right foot and not get behind on anything.




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