The History of Diploma Covers

The History of Diploma Covers

The diploma's history started in the middle of the 17th century. The word "Diploma" comes from the Greek Latin, it means "Double Folder Paper". Nowadays, as we understand it, a diploma is a certification that is awarded by educational institutions when a student completes a course studies.


The United States is the first country that awarded diplomas. The University of Harvard was the first educational institution in awarding diplomas to their graduated students since 1813. This fact became a tradition and nowadays every educational institution around the world awards its students a diploma.


In the beginning, a diploma didn´t look like the ones we have now, for starts, diplomas were written in Latin and the material used for diplomas was sheepskin. So, making a diploma required a delicate process. Since the process of making diplomas involved, all students had to pay for it if they wanted proof of their degree, especially if they planned to go overseas. A calligrapher was hired to write the inscription (in Latin) on parchment paper or animal skin. Mr. James Ward was the first known student who got a diploma that accredited his degree as Bachelor of Arts. That diploma still exists. Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth Brewer was the first woman that obtained a diploma. However, she was not the first woman that got a degree. Mississippi College was the first educational institution to award a degree to women.


Another word used instead of a diploma is "Testamur", a Latin word that means "we testified", some countries like Australia use this word. Going back to the diploma´s material (sheepskin), the advantage was that a student received a rolled diploma tied with a ribbon, and this allowed students to unroll their diplomas countless times without breaking or damaging the diploma. Now, beyond the use of different terms for a diploma, this is essentially a degree certificate. We all understand how important a diploma is for a graduated student from a college or university, among other things, it gives status to a graduated.


Nowadays, a diploma is not just for graduated students from a university or college, this tradition has been extended to school students, high, middle, and elementary school students may receive a diploma, even for children that come from a kindergarten in some countries.


Regarding superior education, a college can award a diploma to those students that completed two years which is an Associated Degree (Associated of Arts AA or Associated of Science AS); Bachelor when a student completes four to five years; Graduate Degree; Professional Degree; Joint Degrees; Liberal Arts and Career Combinations and also for a Teacher Certification. Universities award diplomas for students that completed a Degree Level; Associate Degree, which takes two years; Bachelor´s Degree, which takes four years; Master´s Degree, which takes one to two years, and Doctoral Degree, which takes 2 years or more. The degrees explained before have some differences between countries, this is part of every educational system around the world, but the essence is pretty much the same.


Now, this becomes very interesting, since printed diplomas in different kinds of paper appeared, a diploma cover became necessary so paper material was well protected for a protracted time. Diploma covers can be made of different materials, usually, they are covered with leather or synthetic material. This can provide cover a very good impression so students can show off their diplomas. These mentioned materials come in different color options that match the educational institutions. To make it more glamorous, diploma covers may come with a stamped gold or foil seal colors, or be debossed; corners with ribbon. Leather or synthetic material may have a texture (graned) or be smooth, or in skin leatherette. Also, the interior of a cover may be customized, could be a board or moire materials. There are many options. Nevertheless, don´t think a diploma cover is an expensive souvenir, prices are affordable considering the options in the market.


You may recognize the importance of a diploma cover since a diploma means years of sacrifice, effort, and a significant investment, I am sure you want to keep your diploma in perfect conditions for a very long time, you may carry your diploma with confidence. Beyond the difficulties, we had the capability to supply Diploma Covers around the world. Just in the United States, there are more than four million students are going to graduate from colleges this year, and more than three million students are going to graduate from High Schools, we are ready to provide the best solutions about Diploma Covers and more. In conclusion, we would like to invite you to take a view of our Diploma Covers, their finishing, the materials, and colors, all our customizing options, I guarantee you will more than satisfied. Thank you.


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