What Graduates Can Do Instead of Getting a Full-time Job

What Graduates Can Do Instead of Getting a Full-time Job

To start a new life, a steady source of income seems to be necessary. In this case, most graduates are eager for a full-time job. There is no doubt that an ideal full-time job is a shortcut to success, but it is not the only choice. Here are some other options for graduates to horn their skills instead of getting a full-time job.

1.   Become a research assistant after graduation

A research assistant mainly helps to record and analyze data, organize information, or obtain knowledge. The aforementioned position can be found in courthouses, laboratories, publishing companies, as well as academic departments like universities. Therefore, this is a perfect choice for graduates who want to find an ideal job in their degree field in the future. A research department put a significant amount of investment in research. In this case, being a research assistant is a great opportunity for graduates to acquire social experience and work experience. The process to find a research assistant position is similar to looking for any other jobs. Graduates, initially, need to choose an industry or field to focus on. Then, looking for research assistant positions on relevant platforms. At last, graduates need to prepare an impressive resume and submit their applications.

2.   Participate in a gap-year program

Recently, more and more gap-year program opportunities are provided for college graduates. Gap-year programs can cover any field which including organic farming, environment, outdoor education, art, languages, healthcare, science, etc. Gap-year programs provide different career options to help participants clarify their value and improve their skills which make them succeed at work. Gap-year program can be quite expensive, with a fee ranging from $4,000 to $15,000. However, there are some programs which don’t need you to pay any money. They will even provide some subsidy to cover one’s living expenses. For example, AmeriCorps Opportunities and the Peace Corps. Last but not least, a gap-year program can provide resume-boosting experience for graduates. The experience can not only strengthen your resume but also give graduates plenty of material to discuss during interviews.

3.   Take a continuing-education class

Graduates may consider taking a continuing-education class at a community college or an adult-learning centre nearby. This is an option for graduates who are interested in a field beside their major or someone who wants to improve a specific career skill. If you have skills in different fields, you will have a wide range of employment opportunities and you have gotten prepared for career changes. If you learn multiple career skills in one field, you will get a higher salary. An employer also prefers the highly-skilled workforce who have great work efficiency and help companies get ready for rapidly market changes. Therefore, taking a continuing-education class will help graduates improve their career skills and strengthen their resume.

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