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Texas A&M University Doctoral RegaliaTexas A&M University Doctoral Regalia
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Doctoral Regalia
University of Florida Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of Florida Doctoral Regalia
University of Central Florida Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of Central Florida Doctoral Regalia
Arizona State University Doctoral RegaliaArizona State University Doctoral Regalia
University of Notre Dame Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of Notre Dame Doctoral Regalia
University of Maryland Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of Maryland Doctoral Regalia
UCLA Doctoral RegaliaUCLA Doctoral Regalia
UCLA Doctoral Regalia Sale price$309.99 USD
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln Doctoral Regalia
University of California Berkeley Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of California Berkeley Doctoral Regalia
University of California Irvine Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of California Irvine Doctoral Regalia
The University of New Mexico Doctoral RegaliaThe University of New Mexico Doctoral Regalia
Stony Brook University Doctoral RegaliaStony Brook University Doctoral Regalia
Rutgers University Doctoral RegaliaRutgers University Doctoral Regalia
Yale University Doctoral RegaliaYale University Doctoral Regalia
Yale University Doctoral Regalia Sale price$299.99 USD
University of Delaware Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of Delaware Doctoral Regalia
George Washington University Doctoral RegaliaGeorge Washington University Doctoral Regalia
University of California Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of California Doctoral Regalia
University of Arizona Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of Arizona Doctoral Regalia
Ferris State University Doctoral RegaliaFerris State University Doctoral Regalia
Brandeis University Doctoral RegaliaBrandeis University Doctoral Regalia
Nova Southeastern University Doctoral RegaliaNova Southeastern University Doctoral Regalia
University of Rhode Island Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of Rhode Island Doctoral Regalia
Kansas State University Doctoral RegaliaKansas State University Doctoral Regalia
Harvard University Doctoral RegaliaHarvard University Doctoral Regalia
University of Kentucky Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of Kentucky Doctoral Regalia
University of Wisconsin-Madison Doctoral RegaliaUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison Doctoral Regalia
Northeastern University Doctoral RegaliaNortheastern University Doctoral Regalia
Michigan State University Doctoral RegaliaMichigan State University Doctoral Regalia
Indiana State University Doctoral RegaliaIndiana State University Doctoral Regalia
Doctoral Degree

Doctoral Degree

Classic Doctoral Academic Gowns, Hoods & Tams


Graduatinmall specializes in providing advanced doctoral gowns, doctoral hoods and doctoral tams for outstanding Ph.D. graduates. Our fancy doctoral gown is made of lightweight plain woven polyester with trimmed velvet around the front and collar, which is designed to fit all graduates. There are many choices to select at Graduationmall, such as the custom doctoral gown & tam package, single gown, single doctoral hood, single doctoral tam and more. Our well-made doctoral tam and beefeater are a perfect match to your doctoral regalia. The academic hood is a badge of honor for your doctoral degree, which testifies your great achievements had made during your doctoral studies. Wearing our deluxe doctoral gowns to create a  nostalgic memories for yourself!