7+ Fresh Gift Ideas for 2019 Graduation

Graduation is a milestone in every graduate's life which captivates their hearts and souls. Cash or a simple gift card might be too perfunctory to congratulate your family member or schoolmate on their achievements. While coming up with the novel gift ideas that the degree holders really need in their life and are eager to possess can be difficult. If you're struggling on what presents to give the graduate who owns almost everything, here we've listed unique graduation gift ideas exclusively for you as below.

1. Customized Charm Bracelet
Fashion accessories are the considerable and prevailing choices as the graduation presents for girls. As an alternative to something bulk manufactured, selecting a tailor-made charm to adorn a bracelet or a multi-strand necklace would be the sweet spot. When the young recent graduates miss their families, they'll have the invaluable customized charm to jog the memory that they're loved and cherished.

Customized Charm Bracelet

2. A Mirrorless Camera
For capturing the real-time memorable events and everyday lives that constitute the history, a real portable mirrorless camera which fits the fresh professionals' needs is a must. Admittedly, nowadays the photos took by the smartphone are fairly usable or even stunning for some time, getting him or her a mirrorless camera with better low-light performance, more manual settings, and higher image quality rather than let them simply press the camera button on an iPhone is much reasonable and meaningful choice for adulting 2.0.

A Mirrorless Camera

3. Hardside Expandable Spinner Luggage
Whether the recent graduates head to the dreamed cities for their anticipated span-new careers after commencement or come back to their hometowns for future development, they'll inevitably need a way to carry their personal baggage. After years of painstakingly studying and innumerable campus clubs and activities, they deserve some expandable lightweight spinner suitcases which are durable and secure.

Expandable Spinner Luggage

4. A 6 Month Gym Membership
As you approach your mid-twenties, you may undergo as much as a 2% decline in metabolic activity. Latest researches indicated that building the high-powered muscle cells is apt to uplift the basal metabolic burn. Help the college graduates keep fit by offering them an all-access 6-month membership card of leading gyms in the market to get accustomed to weekly workout routines in an extensive network of thousands of fitness studios nationwide.

6 Month Membership

5. A Commemorative Map of Main Campus
A graphic brochure of campus map printed by Students' Union or Career Center that conserves the memory such as the first date, the last overnight, and initial acquaintance is the one-of-a-kind ceremonial keepsake wherever life takes you.

6. Self-motivated Reflective Journal
To a certain extent, keep jotting the thoughts or inspirations down for self-reflection after a long day at work tends to enrich someone's emotional intelligence and develop their capacity of critical thinking. Writing down short-term objectives on paper is inclined to enable the rookie to stay focused and think holistically when managing pressure. An innovatively designed hardcover agenda journal with effective accomplishment system makes a sound present for workplace newbie to kick off a new routine.

7. Stylish Mini Cactus
The prevalence of those mini-cactus plants in the eye-catching pots has soared over the past few years. As human beings, we have the inherent instinct to commune with nature. Adding certain houseplants like mini-succulents to the homes of young professionals can help them to significantly reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

Stylish Mini Cactus