3 Common Achievable New Year's Resolutions of College Students

3 Common Achievable New Year's Resolutions of College Students

Lose Weight

The most obvious resolution that many determine to accomplish (and unfortunately not many actually do accomplish) is to lose weight; most people who set this as their current-year goal generally say that they just want to lose enough to look good. This is a goal, but it would be better for people to put a number on that weight loss plan – that is, to determine how much weight in pounds or kilograms they want to lose; this can ensure that the goal remains real to them so that they can work towards making it happen.


Complete the Bucket List

Thinking about it, I think this resolution goes without saying as well… actually, in contrast to the one we have seen above, this one requires a little bit of thinking. Without spoiling the rest of the common resolutions below, we just want to give a tip: if you’re going to make a bucket list, make sure you fill one out with the expectation that not every one of the items on your list will be realistically filled out this year. We also recommend that you fill it out with things that actually can be reached eventually. Make the list detailed as well so that it becomes more real to you – and, set realistic goals that you can reach as the year passes on by.


Find a Long-Term Career

Not everyone has the luxury of finding their dream job in life; one thing, however, that is common is that people can find long-term careers that are comfortable and that allow them to settle down. Most growing adults desire to find a career that they can flourish in so that they find financial security in life and can then move forward with building a family. If you’re a student who has just graduated or who is looking forward to graduating soon, you may realistically be considering finding a long-term career; it’s not wrong to look as early as you can, and if you can find a long-term career in something that you’re passionate about, then we say, “Awesome!”


A few Tips to Fulfill the Resolution:

1). Utilize the world wide web (WWW) to your advantage; there are good sites to search for careers (monster.com, linkedin.com, indeed.com, glassdoor.com, linkup.com, AngelList, etcetera).

2). Study what pays well and what provides a secure future with financial growth opportunities; keep an eye out on what provides advancement, as well as study which businesses have a strong success base. The Internet is a trusted friend.

3). Don’t be lazy about it. The key to finding good opportunities is to not waste time and start looking with fervency and patience.

4). For those who don’t have much experience finding job opportunities, we recommend taking the time to learn about how to market and sell yourself, to do well in interviews, and to make your resume using the right style and providing the right content. Also, you need to be aware of what's your strengths and what types of skills and capabilities will your future employers need.



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