Greetings from GraduationMall for 2021

Greetings from GraduationMall for 2021

The year of 2020 has finally come to an end; the year passed had been a year of many challenges, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic and the debilitating effect of the virus on the global population, and we want our readers to know that we resonate with you and the many personal challenges that you had faced along the way. While we know that many of you have suffered when it comes to yourself or family members or friends having physical and/or mental issues due to the virus’s ill effects, we want you all to know that we consider each and every one of you as a family. We are grateful for your faithful as well and your kind remarks on how you hope that we and our families stay safe. Though the long year has passed, we can say with a victory cry, “We have made it!” 2021 could be the brightest year that you ever had in your life with more efficient remote work infrastructure, a healthier smarter city management system as well as a virtuous economic cycle.


Now that we are entering into the year of 2021, some may indulge themselves in reevaluating certain of their critical choices made last year. We have greater hope for humanity – especially when we consider how great and awesome our God, the Father of all creation is. We are confident that this year will bring us back to normal in the sense of having tranquility and then being able to focus even more on family and friends and/or work. In consideration of this progressive move back to normality, we would love to dedicate this article to… you guessed it… New Years Resolutions!


As it is indeed a kind-of-tradition, we would like to start out by getting you all to think: What would you like to accomplish this year? Do you have an undying passion that you have been longing to accomplish in 2020 that you couldn’t quite bring to fruition and feel like you would like to enjoy this year? Do you have any regrets last year that you hope to make up for last year's losses in the coming year? Have you learned the lessons during the COVID-19 that instruct you on how to cope with the unexpected accident and emergency? We are starting a new decade of life – what would you really like to do to start it out with the right momentum?


As you know, New Years Resolutions are like Secret Santa gifts: though the gifts themselves may vary only slightly, the details are vastly different at times and everyone receives or in this case, comes up with different ones. In a follow-up article, we would like to provide you with some common ideas on what people normally resolve to accomplish. At last but not least, at GraduationMall, we are so grateful for our customer's constant supports and love during 2020. Wishing each of our friends some well-deserved downtime and an extremely happy new year to come.


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