3 Graduation Party Ideas

3 Graduation Party Ideas

The end of the fall semester is drawing near, which means it's the season for a batch of new graduates to wear the graduation gown, step onto the stage, be granted their diploma, and throw their caps in the air. Meanwhile, it’s also the job-hunting time that everyone feels the hustle and bustle and may be difficult to get your classmates together. Some of your peers may even start to consider to skip over the coming commencement and fully devote themselves to their new careers. Nevertheless, graduating from college or university is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime milestone that marks the end of your academic life and is worth celebrating with your friends and family. Moreover, a graduation party has the symbolic significance, as considered as “a transition from one phase of someone’s life to the next”. Whether it’s a short-time reunion at the university with your peers or a fun grand party throughout the night, a satisfactory graduation party needs some time of elaborate planning. The longer time you spend preparing the graduation party, the more harmonious atmosphere of the party would be. To enable you to perfectly construct your plan, we have gathered several tips and ideas of preparing for the graduation party.

Start Early with Scheduled Date and Time:

Prior to making any decisions, you’d better ask your peers when they are free and how they’re going to celebrate the one of a kind moment. Are they willing to have a small gathering with merely close friends and family or a large bash? In case of losing the opportunity to get hold of your classmates, there’re great timings you can take advantage of. It is suggested to either ask your buddies when you’re all trying on the graduation gowns behind the stage or get together your fellows after the final exam. Once most of you are inclined to choose a specific date and time slot, please set it down.

Budget Calculation:

Write down a list of necessities like food, beverages, salads, party ornaments, as well as invitation cards and add up the cost. If you have a relatively tight budget, please make every attempt to only choose the items at reasonable prices. Sometimes, you don’t need to feel hesitated to ask a favor of your friends cause most of the guests are pleased to cover the partial indispensable cost.

Popular Activities and Fun Games:

• Photo booth or an open area for taking pictures is one of the staples nowadays for almost any parties. Not only will the attendants receive a snapshot of the memorable moment, but ordering a copy set of all the photos and compiling them into a book is another precious treasure. Additionally, uploading all the pictures on Facebook and sharing the animated photo album by utilizing Facebook’s auto-generation function is gaining popularity.

• Collecting the signatures of every member of your class on the graduation gown is another well-received must-have option.

• Truth or Dare is a classic broad group game in which players have to choose between a hard-to-answer question or an uncomfortable dare. The difficulty of the game varies depending on the settings of the selected dares and questions. Some tough questions or extremely exciting games may help you find another side of yourself and let others know more about you on the other hand.

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