3 Tips to be a People Person on Campus

3 Tips to be a People Person on Campus


Unless you drop out of school or join a distance learning program while going to school, you will be dealing with a variety of people either in your personal space like the flat you shared with your roommates, or the public occasions like the library, orientation, and events organized by students. Some experienced an exciting 4 years at university and made the best friends that stuck with them through the lowest of lows and the highest of the highs even after the graduation. Some ignored the unpleasant interactions with classmates and let the negative vibes flow between themselves and their peers.

Here are some suggestions that can help you to avoid unnecessary conflicts with your fellows at university. After all, everyone deserves a chance to be the best version of themselves and be supportive in the communities.

Learn to Communicate

Everyone comes from different backgrounds, living situations, and family, spending a bit of time to talk with your peers and showing mutual respect in the meanwhile by making eye contact will deepen the understanding we have for one another. If there’s something annoying or distracting you, bring it up in a polite manner instead of waiting for the fellow students to read your mind. Sometimes, others may not even be conscious of where the problem is until you raise your concerns.

Consider the Positives

In many cases, it’s inevitable to hear someone’s negative judgments about you behind your back or on social media. Undeniably, it’s extremely hard to ignore those comments if you know they’re doing it merely to be mean. Nevertheless, responding their viciousness is of no help but devote your precious time and energy to something beyond your control. Your reaction or defense won’t help you or anybody in the long term. It is said that we’re normally attracted to people who are different from us because they have certain qualities we hope to possess. If someone won’t accept you anyhow even if you’ve shown all your kindness, please let it be and force yourself to go back to your main focus and studies. Throughout your entire life, it’s an essential skill to keep your eyes on the things that cheer you up and matter to you most because the range of the people you are now contacting will be just the acquaintances or passers-by someday.

Be Less Competitive and Aggressive

Everyone has their self-esteem. There’s nothing wrong with being productive and seeking all the resources you can get to pursue a higher GPA. But it’s definitely none of your business how any of your schoolmates did on a recent examination. It is not fun and fair to share other’s privacy to meet your own curiosity. Whenever you have the desire to start gossiping, ask yourself, “what are the more meaningful things you can do right now?”. Your life will have a big difference if you don’t indulge yourself in pointless comparison and transient gain and loss.

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