The "WORK" before leaving the university

The "WORK" before leaving the university



Just how Elenor Roosevelt quoted about the future belonging to those who believe in the beauty of dreams, here we are at the brink of our university-adult life, beholding those bitter-sweet memories of last-minute submissions, the motivation that’s soaring heights to bring about a change in the world, broken hearts, mended relationships, newly found hobbies, et cetera, we all wonder if there was a manual or a checklist that could guide us through a relatively less regrettable feeling once we’re finished. Hence, we thought we could give you a list of "WORK" that could give you some tips as to what young graduates like you could partake to make your college life more memorable, rather than dreamy!


W-Write a résumé.
It might seem like a daunting affair to prepare a résumé at the time when you’re meddling between farewell parties and assignments, projects and dissertations, and coping with a turmoil of emotions about how life after college is ought to be. But, having said all that, the professional world isn’t for sissies that’s what college trains you for. Writing a résumé is beyond the importance you’d estimate because it reaches a recruiter or university selection committee before you do in person; that one piece of paper is a summary of everything you’ve done in the past years and it plays an extremely important role in shaping and making the next steps. While at uni, making a résumé gives you the benefit of getting it corrected by your recruitment officer, something that’d be extremely unlikely to happen once you graduate so make optimal utilization of this resource that your college provides. Writing an appropriate CV can help you convince you’re the one fit for a certain position, it shall aid you in selling and branding yourself, get you better chances for being selected for a potential interview, win you a quick as well as last impression and showcase your achievements in a manner that it summarises your career aspiration. So make sure you sort your schedules out and get going with a résumé so that it can be pushed and endorsed by your college panel to help you find a job.


O-Order something you desperately need before the student discounts expire.
We’re all entitled to pamper and reward ourselves for having survived the university days, hence, it’s that time of graduation when you should make optimal use of your student card and charm your way through all the stores out there to get discounts over things you need. You must know that needs are subjective, hence, you could be needing a whole new series of books as well as those Manolo Blahnik shoes along with an external hard drive to store all the articles you greedily fetched from the library for future use and quantities of pictures you took all through your finishing days. Do not be ashamed of going all in or questioning how crazy you seem to act. It is that last leg when you could slip down the stairways and still laugh at yourself without being judged, the student life which doesn’t bring about the same guilty pleasures once you are out of it. Therefore, get going and put it on your bucket list to grab concessions over train tickets, museum visits as well as other materialistic things. At the end of the day, it is all about collecting moments, not things!


R-Rebuild the relationship with someone you treated poorly.
Have you ever operated a Boomerang? The one quality it has is that it comes back to you; That’s precisely how life, people and relationships are like. At present, you might have had a little argument over something silly with a schoolmate of yours that seemed legit. But, what if you realize five years later about how stupid you were and the hesitation to seek a favor from them creeps in? There is nothing bigger than the guilt of living with the thought that you couldn’t mend a soared relationship and left the would to heal all on its own. Finishing university should be all about positives that we seem to have been dwelling into, all this while so why leave this stone unturned! We’re all social animals and the fewer enemies we have, there would be less room for negativity which would, in turn, channel our energies to working on a positive note, leading us to a path of success with fewer trials and tribulations than expected. Mend your relationships with people, irrespective of who was at fault. Since, you’re going to enter the next phase of your life as a rather mature and evolved human being, you’d want to not sever ties right in the beginning.


K-Keep the contact info of the people you love in your class.
There has been plenty of research over how students after having left the university face the trauma of being isolated and lost because all their friends have been scattered in different parts of the world, their jobs, at first seem to be excruciating and the world turns topsy turvy. So, it is extremely important to keep the contact information of those few special peers who you could stay connected with as they’d provide solace when the world looks grey, they’d be your companions of notoriety and mischief when your sarcastic and crazy bones are at their hyperactive self, they’d be your mates when you’d want to gossip about how you felt more at home in university than being actually at home and most importantly, they’d be the ones who would act as a ray of hope when you’d sulk over how life after university seems to be mundane and loaded with student loans and responsibilities.

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