5 Reasons on Why Freshman Year Students or Graduates Need to Find a Non-dorm Residence

5 Reasons on Why Freshman Year Students or Graduates Need to Find a Non-dorm Residence

Choosing where to live is just as important as it is to find the right program and the university as it comprehends into one of the key factors that help us as students to mature and transform into young and mature adults. As it is, most universities hold a provision of dormitories for prospective students, mostly, there’s an open choice to live off-campus. While it could be difficult to determine the best suitable option, we give you a few insights into how you could affirm your decision to find yourself a non-dorm situation.


1). Preparing for Life in Real World and Getting out of the College Bubble
Although dorms seem to be an easy and attractive option to pick for accommodation since it guarantees all sorts of facilities and amenities like the gym, dining hall, classrooms, library or the superstore at an arm length’s distance, it doesn’t allow you to broaden your horizons for social connections and understanding of the society on its actuals. Living off-campus would allow you to break from the college bubble and train yourself to micromanage a mini household. No matter how attractive fixed utilities of an internet connection or dining hall allowance may seem against the hassle of co-signing a lease in case of an off-campus accommodation, it would give you a deeper sense of adulthood and independence as it would train you towards renting a house for yourself later when you graduate and move out into the real world.


2). Expansive and Cost Efficient
Living in the dorms has always been rather expensive and crunched in space. With an off-campus location, not only will you be able to jump and avoid shower and toilet queues and fights every morning, but you’d also have a rather private, expansive and quiet space to spread all the books, decorative family photo frames and be able to concentrate on work as and when you’d need. The best part of off-campus accommodation is you have the choice to mingle when you’d like and cut-off when it’s necessary. Furthermore, you’d no more worry about running into a kitchen full of dirty dishes (unless you have a bad room or apartment mate) or realizing someone stole your milk, bread and ice creams from the fridge when you’re met with hunger pangs at the middle of the night. Your living space would no more be dictated by the rules and regulations laid down by your school, giving you the opportunity to host parties and get-togethers with other classmates, leading to your better acquaintance with them and the diverse cultures they come from. Also, just in case you’re lucky to find an apartment with a swimming pool, it’s going to be a splash away instead of being monopolized by the uni’s swim team.


3). No Stress over Missing out on Uni Events
While you could think that you’d miss upon various university events by not being on campus, you didn’t tumble over the thought of joining clubs that are of your interest anyway. Get hold of the societies and events that you like, pin those brochures and pamphlets to your board back home and you’d be all geared to attend nearly everything you like at the university. In addition to that, you’d be under no obligation to deal with the hustle and bustle of all the unwanted events that keep going on campus.


4). Making Home Away from Home
Renting your own apartment would mean you’d be sharing the neighborhood with local families and young working professionals who could give you a real-time taste of how the society operates differently from the one you come from. This would help you understand the local environment better and make your transition rather swift in a stranger environment, the plausibility of which is relatively unlikely to happen when you stay in dorms. Another benefit of such situation is that you’ll be better equipped to deal with post-graduate trauma that most people feel when they finish studying because their primary hours are no more spent with a majority of people who are either their age or holding similar interests; As for those who have stayed in a mixed bag of society while they pursued their studies were able to get accustomed to the changing environments, better.


5). Networking and Eliminating Competition
One of the many endless benefits of living off-campus is that you’d be able to broaden your spectrum of networking with all those neighbors who are working professionals, which in turn, could land you great internship opportunities and referrals that’d be devoid of cut-throat competition coming from the ones listed on your school’s internship and job portal where many students with similar experience and education applications.

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