6 Benefits of Relishing the Experience of Internship

6 Benefits of Relishing the Experience of Internship

We live in a world where competitive advantage is a trending topic to discuss. While for graduates, it seems all the more prominent, particularly when we talk about job opportunities. Seldom would it happen when a graduate isn’t faced with the question of why he/she should be chosen by a specific employer for the designated role. That’s precisely where internships play an important role and here’s why you should relish them.


Real-World Experience
We all have grown up hearing how real-world experience is as important as good grades and theoretical knowledge. What we haven’t been taught enough is why we should enjoy and want to gain real-world experience rather than calling it a mere need. It is the hands-on experience backed by theoretical knowledge that guides us towards differentiating between what we like and what we don’t. It is this that bridges the gap between our attitude and aptitude, leading a way for us to find a true calling, decreasing the possibilities of landing us in the wrong job. It is through internships that we realize the difference between seeing in a pool and in an ocean where the tides change.


Reducing the Skill Gap
A Harvard Business Review report stated about the perpetual skill gap that organizations and prospective candidates face when they apply for job roles. People with internships are equipped with more than just skills; These students have had an experience of teamwork, time management, and work-life-friends-family-grade balance. So, it is suggestive that while, you’re students, you must take up internships and enjoy them as much as you can.


Networking and Marketability
Networking has been one of the most critical factors towards career building and internships have always been a good area to network as well as market yourself. This would give you the opportunity to take feedback from someone who works in your desired field of interest on an everyday basis and help you target a job of your choice eventually. It can always be fun because you end up making friends from the industry way before you formally join the workforce.


Résumé Builder
Making a CV has its importance which we shall discuss in one of the later sections. However, it’d be interesting for you to know that the relationship of the number of internships on the CV is inversely proportional to the number of jobs you switch; Internships on the résumé always show a depth of dedication and experience while frequent job jumping only questions credibility.


Room For Experimentation
As mentioned above, the responsibility is way less, and work exposure is much higher which gives a lot of room for experimentation with respect to interests, the scope of work, and the area of work that potential graduates would like to go ahead with when they finish their respective programs. Having multiple internships reduces the scope of job jumping, the negatives of which have been aforementioned. This is the time when you can test your abilities in true waters and find your calling. The way to cherishing these internships is to be like a sponge; Soak up as much as you can because it is during your internship days when people look at you with the queer eye to train and teach you without questioning or judging your abilities, something that’s unlikely to happen once you turn to hunt work as formal jobs. Also, it is at this time you don’t have to worry about delivering and meeting sky-high expectations of your employers. The free mind, devoid of the fear of getting a pink slip always can perform better.


Earn Extra Income
Although seldom, there could be certain chances when you end up getting a paid internship and we don’t mind having earned some extra money during a semester break along with gaining practical experience, certificate of working, something to add on the CV and fulfilling the self-actualization need to achieving something independently at a relatively younger age.


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