Why the Library and the Professor's Office are Your Last Destinations before Graduation?

Gather All the Information and Data You'd Acquire in the Library:

The library is the place where you could loan the exquisiteness and grab the wisdom. As potential graduates, you must know that the pain of studying would be temporary but the pain of not knowing, of ignorance is going to stay with you forever. So, be proactive and visit the library before you leave for the sake of acquiring all sorts of data you might need to apply for further education as the university libraries are equipped with various prestigious and paid subscriptions which would otherwise be costly for you to gather. Although most universities provide the alumni with an opportunity to access information, most students who head back to their home countries miss upon all the data so it’s always advisable to go back once and collate everything you’d require. Also, as the days of graduation come closer, you’d like to rejoice and freeze a pictorial memory of every place you’ve spent your time, while you’ve been at the university wherein, the library would be one of the key spaces. In the middle of the emotional and mental turmoil, the library is a fine place to go, for there, in a source, you may unearth motivation and tranquility. A library is a lovely place to go when you are baffled or uncertain, for there, in an opus, you may have queries demystified. Library, in itself, is a superior company, in dejected junctures, in moments of joy, for it houses people, people who have contrived to remain alive by stowing away amidst the covers of a book.


Manage to Get a Letter of Recommendation for the Future Study or Career Advice from a Professor:

Since your Letter of Recommendation serves as a validation to your résumé, it becomes extremely important to request one from a professor you’ve known well from your school. Recommendations that could back your academic achievement(s) would lead to a strong and cohesive portfolio by the time you graduate, which would keep your doors to the application for further education much more accessible. Just like we use the term ‘branding’ when someone else talks about us, the LORs give the third person representation of your candidature. These LORs are purposeful for your professional development too as they act as referrals. While requesting a recommendation, make sure you choose to take it from someone who you have worked with closely so that you could have a more comprehensive letter than take it from a reputed and designated professor who barely knows you. It is always critical to keep the content as a priority over the stature.


Alternatively, you could seek advice from a professor you feel more comfortable sharing your personal and professional interests with. Their experience and guidance could take you places that you aimed for. Such advice is critical as these professors have acted as colleagues and cohorts at various times during your uni days. Also, they’re better accustomed to the dynamic trends of the industry and student dilemmas.

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