6 Novel Ideas for Your Gradution Party Decoration

Graduation season is the time of the year that the mailboxes are replete with party invitations and commencement ceremony notices. As early as March or April, diploma recipients from most universities, colleges, and high schools commonly have started to mark on the calendar and map out the life after graduation. Therefore, if you're inclined to throw an epic graduation party, opting for open houses where guests can casually pop in when everything is appropriate and leave quietly as they please rather than arrange a structured schedule is crucial. After the venue and the time are planned out, it's about time to decorate the site and make the extraordinary event worth celebrating. We've listed the DIY tips and easy-to-make treats below for party-planners to find inspirations.

Glitter-filled Balloon Backdrop Wall
Though metallic colored confetti is the optimal medium to warm up the party vibes, tidying up the consequent mess is inevitably tiring and frustrating. By purchasing a batch of the sliver and gold confetti-filled bouncing balloons provided by Graduationmall.com, you can not only liven up the night air but also avoid the annoying post-party floor clean-up. Furthermore, the glamorous photo booth or the backdrop wall ornamented by a number of ballons is the fancy dreamlike scene to capture the highlight moment.

Create a "Best Wishes" Quote Board
Having a spot for party participants to write down their sincere wishes for their future, congratulations, as well as certain short-term resolutions with small well-designed pieces of post-it notes is a unique meaningful send-off that can be treasured for a lifetime. As time goes by, the vintage look of the black particle board full of scattered sheets of lovely paper is the timeless witness that integrally records what those fearless and spirited young graduates were dreaming of.

Set a Memory Board for Memorable Moments
Time is the miracle substance that makes us who we are today. Gathering iconic pictures over the past years on the memory board can be an invaluable keepsake for every individual of the class. Other ideas such as "now and then" picture comparison provides all the guests a brand-new perspective of the besties they're familiar with.

Craft the Sweet and Dessert Trays
Those elaborately handcrafted glittery alphabet letter serving platters seem to be increasingly prevailing at parties nowadays. Constructed by the letters of the theme of the party or even the name of the university, the reinvented unicolor glitter covered paper mache letters are the sweet unexpected surprises to fill with the proper amount of candies and snacks.

A Miniature Art Installation
Whether thousands of long decorative swirls dangling from the ceiling or the enormous balloon adorned with huge letters, the usage of colorful interior three-dimensional artworks is apt to magically transform the perception of a space. With those physical aesthetic art forms, an unforgettable immersive experience will be brought to the guests.

Customized Labels on Everything to Signify the Special Occasion
Delivering your peers and their friends the holistic and consistent experience with uniform graphic designs shown on all stuff at the party is of significance. All you need is to select your beloved graphs on either the Internet or from the stationer nearby and print them out to paste on beverage bottles, dessert packages, and other party decorations.

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