Ultimate Graduation Guide to Post-High School Life

High school graduation is an indispensable step of immense significance in the continuing journey of everyone's life. It is the chapter not only of personal commitment and accomplishments but also one of gratitude and pride. Graduation is not the terminal point. Instead, it is considered as the launching point packed with calendars full of resolutions for further achievements. From pursuing higher education to party planning, our blog covers everything a graduate candidate needs to celebrate a high school commencement and beyond.

Graduation Prom Preparation List:
1). Purchase or rent the appropriate outfit based on an individual's personal financial condition. Check out several deal sites (e.g. Slickdeals, Dealsplus, RetailMeNot, etc.) for time-limited specials to enable someone to spend less.
2). Styling yourselves professionally or get a stylist, hair-dresser or manicure to maintain a visually appealing appearance.
3). Handpick a piece of dazzling fine jewelry or a glitter clutch bag to match the senior prom attire within your entire budget.
4). Reserve the graduation gala early-bird ticket to secure your place at the lowest price point.
5). Dress your date with a time-honored corsage or boutonniere.
6). Hire an amateur or experienced photographer to occupy a favorable position to capture a sequence of eternal moments of thumbs up, smiling, fist pump, and jumping for joy.

Countdown to Thrilled Academic Transition: College
Fully taking advantage of the last summer before you fully get accustomed to college life is undoubtedly crucial for the recent high school graduates. People tend to be comfortable with the surroundings they're more familiar with and feel organized when they take full control of the circumstances they've involved in. In most cases, the name of your roommates and the course leader of your program can be added or connected via Facebook or LinkedIn prior to the official orientation. Information like the dining commons of the school, the timetable, students societies, and reading lists can be also found online. Gaining advice from a lecturer, a sophomore or a third-year student before the commencement of campus life sometimes might tremendously influence your perception and cognition of the matters of the world or even alter your academic pathway. You'll be more certain on what are your underlying life objectives and what efforts you need to make to fulfill the goals after a long in-depth conversation with an upperclassman.

Applying for Financial Aid to Pay for School:
Financial aid is the term for private scholarships, loan programs, grants, work, and other supports coming from a multitude of sources such as federal or state government aids, university scholarships or grants, and enterprise or private funds. For the scholarship applicants, there is a wide scope of resources to search for the appropriate programs from your college's counselor office to the websites of the federal government, local business, and institutes. Alternatively, third-party pages with link roundups of aggregated grants opportunities like fastweb.com and scholarships.com are fine choices as well. When it comes to the factors which determine the eligibility of an applicant, a top yearly GPA, a complete filling of an application form, learning some specific subjects, and the winner of a particular prize are invariably the main factors.

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