End of Your First Semester at the University

End of Your First Semester at the University

At the start-to-the-middle of every year, we get really excited as it is our passion when we get the chance to see college students moving from chapter-to-chapter in life whereby they can take the opportunity of building their skills and talents for the future by the horns so that they can become whom they have always dreamed of being and can make the world a better place by utilizing their skills and talents as professionals. As the beginning and middle of each year is the time by which students enroll and begin their university studies, it is important to resonate with students in general who have many expectations regarding how their year of academic study will turn out, especially if it is a student’s 1st year where the nerves and excitement of the new college experience are going full blast and students feel euphoric about how that experience will unfold.


As we have been providing many tips to students over the past few articles regarding the specifics of their preparation and execution of their college course studies, we would like to utilize this article as a means of sharing with all of you some of their thoughts regarding the end of their 1st year. In consideration of the fact that the 1st year of college is always the year by which students open their eyes to what it is like to be an adult student on campus (we will be sharing these thoughts and ideas from a perspective of an on-campus student), what we will be sharing may be an encouragement – especially if you, the reader – or you, the reader’s – your son or daughter or loved one – will be starting your / their 1st year. Let’s start taking a little look at what students normally think about after the end of their 1st year.


1. “It’s almost over?”
With the emotions of an entire 1st year of college where the entire experience of taking college classes and meeting new people and enjoying campus life is new, it is normal for students to think at the end of their year that the year flew by. The year is normally full of hard work and also much play as students also normally take the time to figure out who they really are as well since they have moved from adolescence to adulthood – mostly overnight – or so it seems.


2. “What have I actually learned?”
Continuing the train of thought from the last point, as students move from adolescence to adulthood, it is normal for them to think about what they have learned at the end of the 1st year. Not only is the 1st year of college a means of learning detailed information regarding very important college subjects, but students living on-campus also oftentimes learn how to do other important tasks that they may not have learned at home such as how to do your own laundry, how to cook, how to meet new people that may be from dynamically different cultures, etcetera.


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