Other Common Feelings at the End of First Academic Term

Other Common Feelings at the End of First Academic Term

1. “I’m going to miss my friends!”
The 1st year of college is definitely a time of year for meeting new friends. For most students, they not only meet people that may be their lifetime buddies but it could be that those friends also mark students’ lives in ways that their parents or family members could never do. Students that often meet new friends are personally changed by those friends. Those experiences whether they are painful or joyful can help students to figure out who they really are as well as teach them to appreciate life as a whole. At the end of the 1st year when every friend goes home to visit family, it is normal and it is right to miss them.


2. “Is my GPA okay? How did I do?”
It is obvious that students who go to university aren’t there for just the college experience; they wouldn’t be paying all that money for the experience itself. Deep down inside, students worry about their grade performance. At the end of their 1st year where they learn for good grades and to accomplish their goals, students will naturally be concerned about their grade point average (GPA) and where they stand in their academic performance. After all, throughout the entire university journey, your GPA might be the sole metric to reflect how excellent you are as a student, and if you're doing well during your degree program. In most cases, your GPA is the stepping-stone to unlock unexpected future opportunities during and after your study. No matter it's the organization and the graduate program you hope to apply for or the higher degree you're pursuing, a high number can make your life much easier.


3. “What should I do now?”
At the end of the 1st year of college life and, we definitely know by personal experience (I, the writer, felt this way with a strong conviction that I needed to get involved in an internship opportunity with International Justice Mission – a non-profit organization (NPO) that advocates for and provides post-traumatic psychological support to victims of human trafficking) – students are definitely worried about what the next steps are; apart from having the expectation of starting their 2nd year of college soon, students not only finish their 1st year entirely ecstatic about what they have studied all year long but they also would like to jumpstart their future career with real-life experience that not only confirms their “calling” so to speak but that also gets them excited about being able to actually live their dreams.


4. "How we should handle the difficult situation with COVID-19 next year?"
Since a number of universities and colleges reopened their campuses for the autumn term after September, a growing number of new cases have been reported. Certain professors even hold their classes outdoor or in the university stadium to keep the social distance. As the rising figure of quarantined students due to indoor gatherings and basement parties, there's an increasing sense of fear and concerns on their next-year university experience. Is it better to study from home and apply for housing refunds?


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