Graduation Celebration Tips for Class of 2020-Part II

Graduation Celebration Tips for Class of 2020-Part II

Virtual Graduation

The easiest way to get a good virtual graduation ceremony going is by utilizing Zoom’s video services; one of the best options (USD$ 14.99 per month and per host) has the following perks: (1) you can include up to 100 people, (2) it offers up to 24 hours of video duration, (3) there are very specific administration controls, (4) you can assign a scheduler, (5) there is up to 1 gigabyte of mp4 or m4a cloud recording, (6) etcetera. The next step up is only an extra USD$ 5.00 per month and per host and offers up to 300 people – amongst other perks. This is the best way to get virtual graduation going since it’s affordable, it’s trustworthy, and connects people easily throughout the globe. You can access Zoom’s plans here on its official website.


Drive-By Parade

After purchasing your graduate’s gowncaptassel, and accessories from GraduationMall, there is another creative way to give your graduate the best graduation ceremony at home: a drive-by parade. You could start by decorating the lawn or the front of the house in order to grab the attention of the neighbors and those who pass by; this can be done with home-made signs, streamers, and balloons. Once you have that ready, then call of your friends, family members, and neighbors and have them decorate their vehicles with signs and balloons to prepare them for the drive-by parade. Make sure you announce the time of the parade’s start so that your graduate can be ready to receive the hundreds of wonderful good wishes that will pass by the front door this day; a wonderful idea would be for the graduate to be dressed up and ready for the drive-by parade with their graduation regalia put on so that they can go outside and show themselves to those who drive by and also show his/her appreciation for those who pass by.


Festive Backyard BBQ Party with Family Members and Besties

Most universities will hold their commencement ceremony in summer and it might be the perfect time to take your meals outdoors and enjoy the stunning weather. With some seasonal cookouts and exquisite decorations, gathering the family and your schoolmates to participate in a backyard barbecue party couldn't be more spectacular and is widely acknowledged as the conventional American-style celebratory manner. Whether you fire up the grill with delicious ingredients or grill up a Boston lobster or Angus beef, you have to take the essential grilling items including versatile kitchenware, healthy cooking oil, barbecue sauces, side dishes, dinner desserts, and summer beverages. Considering the heat and the outdoor environment, bringing 2 to 3 outdoor electronic fans as well as the insect repellent is highly recommended. For the graduation themed barbecues, it's always a good idea to adorn your surroundings with grad-appropriate ornaments such as banners, balloons, or even wearing the set of graduation outfit. If the participants are the users of TikTok, they can also upload the short clips together with the uniform actions and movements.


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