Graduation Celebration Tips for Class of 2020-Part I

Graduation Celebration Tips for Class of 2020-Part I

Unfortunately, during this 2020 graduation season, there have been many issues that have plagued humankind internationally, from COVID-19 to the chemical plant explosion in Beirut to the protests that have made their way into almost every major United States city. It is no wonder that having a normal graduation ceremony is simply not possible; many have been in quarantine or have been risking their lives traveling out of their homes.

In today’s blog article, we want you to be encouraged by the idea of having your own graduation commencement. Whether it be individually at home or be online for a bunch of graduates, we would like to provide for you some little ideas to make your graduation ceremony a success and to show the world how wonderful your graduate is and what is awaiting him/her in their new chapter of life. Below, you will find a few different ideas on which we hope would get you to at least consider a virtual graduation ceremony.


For those who are planning on having individual home graduations, what better way than to have your graduate wake up in the morning to a pre-prepared brunch that contains your graduate’s favorite food? We recommend waking up early enough to prepare a delicious breakfast for the entire family starting with your graduate’s favorite breakfast. Nice breakfast in pajamas is normally what American families do during Christmas time and a graduation day celebration is a perfect occasion to enjoy a nice easy morning before the ceremony. For most kids and university graduates, the more bacon and hash browns, the better.

Video Montage
Another creative way to excite your graduate and prepare them for their next chapter in life is to show them your love – specifically through the people that the graduate adores the most. One of the best ways to do this is through a video montage, where family and friends record a specialized message for the graduate which then gets compiled and then added to a video that the graduate can watch. One of the most productive services that can be used for this is called Tribute and pricing is pretty affordable and tempting - starting at USD$ 25.00. If you are a professional videographer, spending half day editing your footages in Premiere Pro or Final Cut is undeniable worthwhile.


Play the Memorable Graduation Songs
Although some of your peers are ready to move on instead of feeling nostalgic for the unforgettable moments they spent in university or high school, a playlist of inspirational classic songs such as "See You Again", "The Climb", "Started From the Bottom" and "Moment 4 Life" is the perfect present that accompanies the degree holders to embark on the breathtaking new adventure and keep the positive vibes the whole day. Additionally, you and classmates can even take advantage of a numerous number of loyalty free tracks provided by certain apps like "Sing" to sing together and harmonize with your own musical stylings.


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