5 Tips to Deliver a Marvelous Valedictorian Speech - Part II

5 Tips to Deliver a Marvelous Valedictorian Speech - Part II


Motivation to Confront Change


Confronting change is a life lesson that never gets old; life is full of many rollercoaster turns and track changes – and, those changes can happen at any moment. Graduates need to understand that life is actually about to begin; they are going to be heading out into the unknown – into the real world. They will most likely fall out of the protective hands of their parents and then have to take life by the reigns. They will go to college, get jobs, maybe get married, or start an unexpected family. Life will throw surprises their way, and they will have to learn to adapt to the changes that are to come.


A way to get graduates to think about this is to get them to remember the individual changes that they have gone through since their Freshmen year up until graduation day. How did they feel about those changes? How did they cope with those changes? What did they do to make the transition occur smoothly? What good things came about as a result of the changes? How can those past experiences help them with changes in the future?


Inspire Your Peers to be Optimistic


The positive problem-solver sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible. It's founded by Harvard researchers that compared to pessimistic individuals, the person who has an optimistic mindset has less pressure and has the capacity to fully enjoy life, age well, and stay healthy. Optimism is contagious and it acts like a magnet that brings the good fortune and emotionally influences the surrounding groups. The positive attitude in business has proven to keep the personnel highly engaged and encourage persons to cope with challenges. Optimists are the inborn leaders for their capability of actualizing a better future.


Be Proactive Rather than Reactive


Instead of leaving the circumstances and conditions be the assessors and deciders, proactive ones take the initiative to plan and complement based on the existing situation where there's still room for experiment and progress before they are subjected to limited resources or soul-crushing reality. According to the study conducted by the cognitive psychologist Dr. Covey, we all have the so-called circle of concerns. When we pay excessive attention to matters beyond our control, we might feel stressed out. The constant pressure can lead to the larger amygdala of your brain, which in turn suppresses one's executive function and dopamine production. On the contrary, proactive individuals focus on matters they have control over, and their tiny changes and actions might lead to a flourishing life and influence the world. The feeling of empowerment motivates them to take more action.


Though there may be other themes that would help someone prepare an excellent Valedictorian speech, these seem to be some of the most common and most effective as they give each graduate ammunition in the form of morale to face the future. A new history is going to be unfolding – and, graduates need to be prepared for all that they experience.

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