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Advanced Doctoral Tam, Gown & Hood Packages


A doctorate is a sign of your effort. Graduationmall takes pride in providing you the deluxe Doctoral Tam, Gown & Hood Packages. It’s really a great honor to wear a gorgeous doctoral regalia to celebrate your Ph.D. graduation ceremony. Our Doctoral Gowns are available in 16 colors, which are made of superb plain woven polyester fabrics. Doctoral Hood is made of premium matte dull finished fabric in black, which is a sign of the highest degree by the graduates. PhD degree please choose Dark Blue as velvet color, and we could help you choose the right colors for the velvet and chevrons on the hood. Doctoral Tam is available in 4, 6 and 8 sides in velvet. It includes the exquisite gold bullion tassel.


Wear your doctoral gown insolently knowing that it is made of advanced and high-quality materials. Graduationmall can meet all your requirements for Deluxe Doctoral Gowns, which are available in various velvet colors of gowns, hoods and more. The superior graduation gowns we produce will give you a sense of identity. The Doctoral Tam, Gown & Hood Packages can save your time on selection of doctoral robes. You can also purchase your academic regalia items separately at Graduationmall. All the choices are up to you!


Shop deluxe doctoral gowns at Graduationmall and be ready for your Ph.D. graduation ceremony. you can experience the reasonable prices, convenient delivery and professional after-sales services.