Deluxe Doctoral Tam, Gown & Hood Package - Scarlet

SKU: DTP003-45 (5'0"-5'2")-Black 4 sided
Sale price$199.95 USD
Size: 45 (5'0"-5'2")
Size Chart - Deluxe/Classic Doctoral
 • Select the size based on fits height and chest. For assistance with measuring, see the bottom measurement guide.

• Fits Height:Stand with your feet flat on the floor with your heels against the corner where the wall and floor meet. Mark your height on the wall and measure with a band tape.

• Your total height in shoes or heels should be used as your height measurement.

• Chest:Measure the chest around the fullest part.Keeping the tape under arms and across shoulder blades.

Tam option: Black 4 sided

Deluxe Doctoral Tam, Gown & Hood Package - Scarlet

 This Deluxe Doctoral Gown, Tam & Hood Package will make the great choice for the important day of your life. Made from high quality crease resistant, flat, lightweight material, the Deluxe Black Doctoral Gown will absolutely help make your graduation day a lot more special. These kinds of Deluxe Black Doctoral Gowns provide you with top notch quality and comfort at a very reasonable rate. Expert craftsmanship takes time so purchase yours ahead of time. Our graduation tam is made of high quality velvet with the gold bullion tassel. The high quality velvet makes the graduation tam feel very soft to touch. We have 4-side, 6-side and 8-side tams. This tam is a traditional cap worn for special graduation ceremonies, often times for a doctoral graduation or in some locations with a long standing history of them. This Deluxe Doctoral Gown, Tam & Hood Package will help to save a lot of your budget.